Up Close and Personal with Vivere Salon Trinoma’s Styles of Summer

The summer heat may pose a lot of hair challenges, but you do not have to let it keep you from basking in the sun. Vivere Salon ensures that you are covered with their wide variety of hair treatments, covering almost every possible hair scenario. This time of year, they also have the Styles of Summer Rebond/Perming job fixed at Php 3,500 for any hair length.


Prior to trying Vivere’s service, I thought that I had damaged my hair for good when I decided to go for a really intricate African braid during a recent vacation in Boracay. I kept the look for 7 days:


It got irregularly wavy and all the extreme activities damaged a previous rebond job done on my waist-length hair. This persisted until another vacation which exposed my hair to chlorine water for hours. It was a happy but tangled mess:


Silently troubled by the damage, I kept my hair in a bun for weeks on end and I refused to do anything about it. The hair grew past my waist and the roots needed some help because it no longer matched the color of my hair dye from last month. So when I entered Vivere Salon’s newly opened ninth branch at Trinoma, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had the miracle workers in precision cutting, coloring, and hair treatment that I needed.


At first, I was not amenable to cutting my hair beyond an inch. But talking continuously with Sir Hector (the creative director), Glaiza, and Sir Mac (the hair consultant and stylist) pacified my fears of letting go of my damaged long hair. I decided to go for a shorter soft-layered cut (snipping away 3 inches of split ends).  Right from the time I entered, it was clear to me that I was with the real hair experts.

As they worked, they explained hair tips to keep me from ruining my hair on my next vacation.



They did some rooting work to even out my hair color before they proceeded with Rescue Repair hair treatment which restored the damaged strands.



After that, they removed the split ends which were already three inches long, styled the remaining hair with soft layers, fixed my bangs, and added a little natural wavy look:


Aside from this soft layered hairstyle that they have for those who maintain long hair, there are also fresh, adventurous, and daring haircuts that are worth trying like mohawk, pixie cut, and bob. Their expert team of 5 senior stylists and 7 junior stylists cater to hair needs of different ages.



My whole salon session lasted for three hours. An hour later, I fired some rounds at Stronghand Shooting Range and commuted by tricycle, jeep, and MRT to test how my hair will fare. At 9pm of the same day, with no filter, no camera tricks, and no additional lighting apart from basic fluorescent, it still looked great with an ash blonde shade.


Exactly a week since my salon session, I went to the beach and I discovered the other surprise they left for me: there were copper hints of my hair that sparkles under the sun. Armed with the tips for healthier hair habits, I stepped out of the shade and into the sea—excited, dauntless, unafraid, and sporting a summer style worth remembering.




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