Stronghand Shooting Range: “What happens when the “I-am-left-handed theory” was proven True by Joey Storm Rivero, the Chief Range Officer”

When In Manila and I got not much to do, I watch the acclaimed TV Show “How I Met Your Mother.” I know the new season’s not out yet but even if I replay the previous episodes, I still find it funny and I envy Barney when he plays Laser Tag and Robin when she plays Target Shooting! So when I found out about Stronghand Shooting Range, I thought, this is it! It’s going to be “Legen…” wait for it! “DARYYYY!”

Unknown to me that on this day, a theory I fear will be tested, and proven to be, ugh, TRUE. Let me share something, one day a friend caught me aiming using my left eye while taking pictures. He claimed “You are left handed!” And I shouted “No!” Thus, the  Iam left-handed Theory. Now, let’s move on!

 A way to rediscover Manila, let’s learn and try out Practical Shooting at Stronghand Shooting Range!

As we are sitting in the lecture hall, I hear Chief Range Officer Joey Storm Rivero spontaneously and seriously say his final instructions to us.

“You will get a certificate out of this course. There’s no exam but there will be a drawing of your hits in the certificate. All the hits will be placed there, so don’t let me down, okay?


Practical Shooting at Stronghand Shooting Range




You will be shooting twenty rounds, twenty bullets: five rounds at 5 meters, five rounds with one hand at 5 meters and ten rounds at 10m unassisted. 

Any more questions?


None. Now, go to front desk, get your gun and then head into the range, rightmost part. I’ll teach you to grip. And then, we’ll start shooting. See you inside.”

WTF! That was quick and I am just so excited, so nervous that I might not be able to apply everything that Chief Joey has taught us, that I might not be able to consistently use my right eye in aiming, and, “Grrrr!” a lot of other things just continually boggle me. Here’s what happened earlier…

Chief Joey guides us in handling the gun. 

We join Chief Joey for a Basic Gun-handling course. Stronghand Shooting Range offers the Fundamentals of Gun handling. He explains, “It simply means the proper know-how to handle firearms: what’s inside your gun, how it fires, understanding why you hit, or miss your target and most importantly the safety, legality, and mechanics! Game?”

We nod in agreement. Find out more about Stronghand Shooting Range, here are bits of info Chief Joey shared to us.


Chief Range Officer Joey Storm Rivero teaches us Fundamentals of Gun-handling

 “Stronghand Shooting Range is a learning range, and the first toxic-free indoor shooting range in the Philippines.”

 “What about it being toxic-free, Chief Louie?” I asked.

“The bullets, once you fire it, there are fumes generated by ammunition. Smoke contains heavy metals which are harmful to your health. It is fine if you’re shooting outdoors but not in a confined space.


  Wednesdays are way cooler now! XD 

But at Stronghand Shooting Range, you can just relax and not worry about that, the ammunition we use, they are all organic. And then the range has a multi-level Ultraviolet light filtration facility, an air ionizer, it has carbon filters to purify air inside the range.

Moving on, Stronghand Shooting Range Officers are all certified under National Range Institute. We continually compete, are active practitioners of Practical Shooting, one of the biggest shooting sport in the world. You’ll be presented to multiple targets, different locations and distances. Score is number of hits divided by time…”

You may purchase your gun at Stronghand Shooting Range shop, you are assured of warranties and they also assist you to prepare your requirements for the firearm license.

Seconds, minutes, maybe an hour passed as we go on with the discussion of Gun History, Safety, Legality, and Mechanics.

Then Chief Joey asks “So no one’s left handed?”

“No one” I said. Then he instructs “Okay, point!”  Using our pointing finger, we did as he said. He used the picture on the board as our target.

“Now, aim!”  We follow again. “Joanne, aim!” he instructs me. I rebut “But I’m aiming already!”


“No, using your right ey…. SO YOU’RE LEFT HANDED!!!”

 And I shouted “No! Of course, not! No, this cant be!” 

“You know how to write using your left hand?” he asks. “Yes, but I always use my right hand.” I said. “Do you develop your left hand for other motor skills?” he asks again. I replied “No, not really…”

“Joanne, you are left eye dominant! You are actually left handed! It is actually the eye that dictates if you are left handed or right handed. I am sorry to say but… we have to put Tape on your eyeglasses’ left lens… ”

“What?! (damn!) No!” I protest.

 I had to follow: Tape on the left lens rule.

The Iam-left-handed theory is not a theory anymore, it is a fact now! -_-

“Yes!” He continues “The sights on your gun are designed that if you’re holding the gun in your right hand, you use your right eye. If it is your left hand, then left eye. And the thing is, you are used to your right hand.. so, we need to put tape on the left lens.”

 And yup, I have to follow his instructions. When I removed the tape and forgot to put it back, my shots reached nowhere. -_- And despite having to replace my constructed truth that I am right-handed, I really enjoyed Practical Shooting!!! 🙂 It was something new to me, and it was like competing with yourself, with your own abilities, not with anyone. 


Oops, if we let you down Chief Joey, sorry! 😛





 After shooting, refresh at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe! Creative name, eh? 😉 


“Focus on your sight. Your intellect doesn’t have anything to do with the act of shooting, it is muscle memory. Just focus, remember your sequence. Then just do it.” –Chief Joey Storm Rivero

When In Manila, why don’t you try Practical Shooting and “Point, half press, aim, squeeze gently, and fire!” at Stronghand Shooting Range? You’ll be surprised at how exciting this shooting sport is! You might even join their gun club! Thank you so much Mr. Jojo Go, Chief Range Officer Joey Storm Rivero, and Ms. Cris of Stronghand Shooting Range! Indeed, it was ‘Legen…” wait for it! “DARRYY!”

Stronghand Shooting Range


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Stronghand Shooting Range: “What happens when the “I-am-left-handed theory” was proven True by Joey Storm Rivero, the Chief Range Officer” 


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