Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge: For Quality, Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions

I’ve never been the kikay type. I never really cared much for make-up, and the few times I tried to imitate online tutorials, I looked more of a racoon than a sultry smokey-eyed goddess. I always thought, there has to be an easier way around all this.

One night I met with my good friend When In Manila Sky and she was looking extra pretty. There was a sparkle around her eyes. “Notice anything different?” She asked me. YES. Her lashes were extra lush. It was looking gorg.

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Ditch the Falsies and go for Eyelash Extensions at Ooh La Lash

She tells me she had eyelash extensions done at Ooh La Lash, and recommends I try it. I had a gazillion questions for her. Isn’t it annoying? How do they put it on you? How long does the application take? How long do the lashes last? Is it difficult to maintain? How do you maintain it? Etc, etc, etc.

I had always been a bit skeptic towards getting lash extensions because I’ve heard from others’ experiences that it’s a bit high maintenance. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m more of the wash and wear type.

Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge Glorietta Makati Nicole Villaluz

But hey, don’t kick it until you’ve tried it. And so a couple of weeks after, I was suddenly at Ooh La Lash, with the mastermind When In Manila Sky herself, about to get my first ever lash extensions. Sky was getting hers refilled for maintenance.

For girls (or guys cos hey! Tis’ a free world) who haven’t tried having extensions yet and are curious about how it goes, here’s a quick rundown of what happens at Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge:

Before the application, the staff will ask you what kind of lashes you’d want applied. Long? Thick? Curled? Natural-looking? I told them I want the natural-looking one. Something that blends in but enhances my original lashes.

Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge Glorietta Makati Nicole VillaluzWhen In Manila Sky getting her lash extensions refilled

For the application process, you lie down on a sort of massage table. North of you will sit the lash technicians. All of Ooh La Lash’s technicians are trained experts. A bright white light will be directly above your face, and as much as it hurts the eye a little, your technician needs it to see your lashes clearly. Don’t worryyour eyes will be closed throughout the process anyway. Tapes will be placed under your eyes and over it–it’s a little uncomfortable (okay, it’s a lot uncomfortable) but as my technician says, tiis ganda. All ladies will understand.

The process is meticulous. The extensions are applied one by one.  The whole application took about an hour, which is the average. And as I’ve mentioned, your eyes will be closed the entire time, so I must be honestI did doze off. Which is okay because there won’t be anything else for you to do anyway. You can’t use your phone. Obviously.

Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge Glorietta Makati Nicole Villaluz

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With my chat with my technician, she says their materials are all imported from Singapore. The lashes and the glue are all FDA approved, which put me at peace knowing no harmful chemicals were being applied on my face.

As for my questions for Sky I mentioned earlier, I can now answer those for you based on my own experience. First, no, it is (surprisingly) not annoying. Ooh La Lash’s extensions are light and very natural-looking that I actually often forget I have them. The lashes last about 2-4 weeks, depending on your care. It is not that difficult to maintain, though there has to be extra care, of course. You cannot rub your eyes, and washing (and drying) your face should be done delicately. I’ve been told that swimming is also discouraged.

For maintenance, Ooh La Lash does refilling too, so if you notice that the lashes are already falling off after a few weeks, you can always return to have new ones applied.

As for the end product, here are my lashes:

Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge Glorietta Makati Nicole Villaluz
I am writing this a month after, as I wanted to test how the experience went for me first so I could give you a proper review. The verdict? LOVE IT. Mine lasted a month.

As I’m not much of the make-up person, having lash extensions saved me so much time in the heading-out rituals. It was farewell eyeliner and mascara for me. Yet all around I’d get compliments that I was “blooming,” but no one could pin point what changed (or in this case, enhanced). That’s how natural my Ooh La Lash extensions looked.

So, would I recommend getting lash extensions? Hell yeah. Head to Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge to get yours. They have a new branch which opened just a month ago at Glorietta 2, at the second level.

If you do get extensions or have already gotten them, tell me about your experience! Or do you have questions? Shoot me message (and follow me) on my Facebook page: When In Manila Nicole. <3