Flip Bags: Your New Travel Must-Haves are Here!

Girls, we all know that to complete our OOTDs, the perfect bag has to match our get-up. I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced the hassle of pulling out your makeup kit and essentials every time you want to change your bag, thus resulting in forgetting some of the stuff you will need for the day. Well, say goodbye to those moments and say hello to Flip Bags!


Flip Bags is the only store to offer reversible bags with bag organizers and reversible purses. Flip Bags offers stylish bags that are 100% convenient with a lot of pockets that won’t require you to transfer things from one place to another; you can just flip it. It’s also safe because there are two layers: the bag first and then the organizer. This means that pickpockets will have to work extra hard if they want to get to your wallet/phone. The bag organizer also has a zipper. Plus, there’s a hidden magnet to close the bag, too.

Another great thing about this is that you can just flip your bag to either the synthetic leather side or the canvas side (which has really fun and bold designs, if I might add) depending on your mood, re-attach the organizer and off you go!


Since you virtually get two bags in one (as they are reversible), the prices are incredibly reasonable! Their tote bags are Php800 and the sling bags are Php650, both of which come with organizers. Their 3-in-1 purses, on the other hand, are Php300, and come with a cross body and wristlet handles. Whatever occasion, outfit, or plans you have in store, there’s a Flip Bag for you!


This is really a must-have for every lady because a stylish, reliable and hassle-free bag is a busy girl’s real best friend!



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