8 Steps on How to Plan the Most Convenient Travels

There is no such thing as a perfect trip. However, it is possible to achieve an almost seamless one. If you are like me and aren’t a backpacker nor an adventure junkie, and would like to travel conveniently, read on.


8 Steps on How to Plan the Most Convenient Travels


8. Choose your dates of travel way before you look at tickets.

Some questions you should answer before you even start looking at airline seat sales include:
a. How many trips would you like to go on this year?
b. How many domestic and international destinations would you like to visit?
c. What would be the ‘best time to go’ to your target spots?


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Answering these questions will save you so much time once the time to book for airline tickets during seat sales arrives.


7. Research. Research. Research.

Once the ticket(s) has been secured, make it your mission to get to know as much about the destination you are about to visit as possible.


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No need to memorize the locations or anything. Just familiarize yourself with the spots that you’re interested in. This will come in handy once you are talking to a local tour guide.


6. Get a local tour guide.

Not only will you get to help the locals this way, but you will also be in for an interesting history lesson! I have been getting tour guides for years and am still in communication with most of our guides.


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Believe me when I say that touring with a local guide is never a bore. You will get newfound knowledge in the process, after all. Plus, you will gain friends all over the world.


5. Pick a strategic place for accommodation.

When travelling, I tend to choose hostels/inns that are centrally located to ensure that they are near everything I need.


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From convenience stores to local restaurants and markets, the accommodation should be in close proximity to these places.


4. Arrange for airport transfers whenever possible.

This would be especially important if you are traveling at night.


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If there is only a very small difference between the cost of a taxi cost and an airport transfer with an arranged driver, opt for the latter. Just make sure that driver is trustworthy.


3. Have a travel packing list ready.

I am not sure if I should be ashamed of this, but I actually have a packing list. Being obsessive-compulsive, I always want to have everything sorted out before I get out of the house.


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Some of the absolute essentials are toiletries, ID cards, passports (if needed), clothes, footwear, chargers, medicine, a first aid kit and a camera. These essentials may differ from one person to the next, though.


2. Estimate travel costs.

By this point, you should already have an idea of how much your accommodations, transfers and tour guides will cost.


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What you should do next is incorporate your anticipated food expenses, transportation costs and entrance fees. From there, you can then derive on how much money you should bring to spend on your trip.


1. Keep an open mind.

One thing about tourists is that they always compare the places they have already been to to the destinations that they are currently at. Don’t.


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Every destination is unique. Once you step out of the plane, appreciate the scenery and expect nothing. The best way to travel is to keep an open mind. Travel with a purpose. Help the tourism community flourish.

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