Flamingo Dai Lai Resort : Romantic Getaway via Hanoi Vietnam

When in Manila and a long weekend is up ahead, try booking a ticket to Hanoi via Cebu Pacific and visit this paradise just a few minutes away from Vietnam’s Hanoi Airport! Flamingo Dai Lai resort is the perfect romantic getaway when you plan on visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. Thanks to Cebu Pacific and Hanoi Red Tours, we had an opportunity to enjoy this vacation haven just last week.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is only 16.4kilometers or 10.2 miles away from the Hanoi airport and is located in Dai Lai lake. For a surcharge and upon your request, guests receive transportation including a roundtrip airport shuttle and an area shuttle.



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It was a cold and gloomy day when we arrived but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors. We headed for the beach and hung out there for a while to enjoy the afternoon. We also got to see the playground in the middle of their pine forest and some of the privately owned homes inside this wide and spacious resort. Our villa was also tucked away in a little area that immediately made me feel like I had my own private world there.



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We stayed at one of the hilltop villas, surrounded by trees and lush greenery, so even our outdoor pool, which was a great addition and surprise, still felt very private. We were a little pressed for time but I made sure that I got to enjoy a hot soak in our marble bathtub, I just wasn’t brave enough to try the outdoor shower because of the cold weather. For those who love to explore whatever place they are in, you may opt to use their bikes that they make sure they have available for you.


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