FitFuel MNL: Healthy Food to Fuel Our Bodies

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than just being able to look good, we all want to feel good. However, with all the unhealthy choices around us, staying fit and healthy isn’t always easy. The best option is usually to prepare the meal ourselves. Luckily today, there are a variety of diet delivery services that will help us lose weight the healthy way. All you need to do is subscribe, and healthy delicious meals are delivered to your door step for a minimum of 5 days (Monday-Friday).

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try FitFuel MNL! Their food is so good that often times I forgot I was on a low calorie diet.


FitFuel Mnl is owned by a group of bodybuilders, one even being the former chef of the Goose Station in BGC. Hence you can be assured that each meal you eat was carefully planned to ensure clients only get the right nutrients in every bite.

Co-founder Bettina Nualla shares the following statement on FitFuel Mnl, “Our team’s passion for health, fitness and living well, creating high quality nutrition programs without giving up the food you love is our inspiration in building up the business. We aim to encourage people to live healthier and happier. We are here to give courage to commit, empower to regain control of your life and your body so that you can live the life you deserve. Our packed meals are made with REAL HEALTHY FOOD with the macronutrients our body needs making sure you never feel deprived at all. Our success is about the difference we make in people’s lives.”


Everyone has his or her own body type, and each of us have our own fitness goals. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain weight, and still others just want to maintain their already healthy lifestyle.

FitFuel understands this need and have created 3 different program for us to choose from. They can also customize your meals for you if f needed, that way you can be sure that you get exactly what you need.

FitFuel MnlFitFuel MNL is exactly what you need if you’re looking to get healthier without missing out on all the delicious food! If I had one complaint, it would be that their food tasted too good that I wanted to steal my housemate’s portion!

FitFuel MNL delivers in the morning so you can expect nothing but fresh food at your doorstep.


FitFuel MNL

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