First Photos and Details of New Royal Baby Have Just Been Released

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, welcomed their baby boy into the world on the morning of May 6. While they thanked everyone for their kind words and support, they asked for a little more time for themselves as a family before presenting their son to the public. On May 8, they released official photos and details about their newborn child.

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Apparently, the couple broke royal protocol by having their first photos taken at Windsor Castle instead of the traditional hospital departure. Media speculates that it was done to further Meghan’s wishes of getting “an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

The new royal baby was announced as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in another post on the official Instagram account of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. While people remain in the dark about why ‘Archie’ was chosen as a first name, not having any particular ties to the royal family’s history, they have a pretty good guess at why a second name was included. They speculate ‘Harrison’ to signify “son of Harry” quite directly.

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Surprisingly, Prince Harry and Meghan have opted to forego a courtesy title. This means the baby will be going by Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor instead of Lord Archie or the Earl of Dumbarton. Baby Archie is also believed to be the first royal baby of mixed race.

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