Filipino News Anchor Chosen for Voice-Over Role in Pierce Brosnan Film

Pinoy pride Rico Hizon, a business news anchor with BBC World News, is the latest Filipino to get some Hollywood exposure. Well, at least his voice did. Hizon is featured as the voice of BBC business news in the latest Pierce Brosnan film “I.T.” which will open in the Philippines on September 28.

Hizon’s voice can be heard within the first few minutes of the film as he reports that businessman Michael Regan, played by Pierce Brosnan, is out to meet officials from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to seek approval for his aviation company to be listed on the stock exchange.

ricohizon1Screenshot from Hizon’s Facebook

The director of “I.T.”, John Moore, personally handpicked Hizon. He even sent the Filipino news anchor a note personally:

“Dear Rico

I hope that by the time my note reaches you, that you are broadly aware of my hopes to include your unique voice in my little movie, ‘I.T.’ starring Pierce Brosnan.

I can’t tell you how grateful we would be if you would indeed lend your unmistakable signature to the sequence: it would simply catapult the idea into a realm of credibility that we alone cannot manage with any attempt to replicate the real world fact that you are ‘the’ voice of BBC News business reporting in America and around the world.

I was recently in a hotel room in Tokyo… turned on the TV: there you were!

I am a great fan of BBC News, specifically your inimitable style and timbre, and did indeed base the idea of the scene around the notion of a World Business Report type report, so, please, I do hope you will consider my humble attempt to, in one way, further immortalize your unique voice.”

Hizon is the first-ever Filipino broadcast journalist to work for two of the world’s most prestigious television news networks, CNBC and BBC World News. He anchors “Newsday” and “Asia Business Report” on BBC.


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