Filipino discovers family home decor pearl is worth P4.7 billion!


Living in Ontario, Canada is the family of Abraham Reyes who owns a peculiar, tooth-shaped ornament that looks like an average, random rock. Apparently, the home decor was passed down from generations in their family and Reyes’ grandfather was the one who originally bought it from a fisherman who found it in a clam way back in 1959.

Only recently, Reyes has learned the real value of the ornament they have been keeping in their home for years: the pearl is worth 4.73 Billion pesos in cash!

Abraham did not seem to think much of their family’s white ‘rock’ in the house. He merely saw it just for decoration purposes and did not see much value to it. The family knew that their grandfather was the one who got it from Palawan, Philippines but its shape did not naturally seem like it was a pearl. Abraham only had a guess that it had value when he learned that their grandfather purchased it from a fisherman.


Photo credit: Instagram / The Giga Pearl

The average pearl we are most familiar with is those that are formed as a small and round shape. No wonder that the tooth-shaped, 27.64kg ornament they had in their house was unrecognizable.

The family heirloom was appraised at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City and he was quite shocked to be informed that the pearl was over one thousand years old. The price and weight easily surpass the famous 6.4 kg Pearl of Lao Tzu also found in Palawan in 1939.

Although the Pearl of Lao Tzu was record-holder for the largest pearl in the world since 1939, the record had actually been shattered by the 34-kg Pearl of Puerto Princesa in 2016 and is now one of the most famous gems in the world as it costs $100 million.

The Pearl of Puerto Princesa is still the largest pearl in the world but the pearl Abraham and his family owns is still pretty massive. Reyes has dubbed their family heirloom as the ‘Giga Pearl’ where he commissioned a 22-carat gold octopus-shape figure to hold the pearl.


Photo credit: Instagram / The Giga Pearl


Even though it was ignored for many decades, it is still quite surprising to know that the decoration they did not really notice turned out to have great value.

What would you do if you had the ‘Giga Pearl’?