Filipino Artists are the Top Choices of Global Entertainment Giants for Animation

We all watched cartoons as children. We’ve seen countless bedtime stories come to life through animation. Even as adults, the appeal of animation continues to mesmerize and entertain us.  Although known primarily for entertainment, cartoon animation has found its way into education, editorial news, and medicine. From movies and television to web and mobile, this shows cartoon animation’s diversity in its application to our daily lives.

Millions of cartoon episodes have been made in the past decades by talented animators from around the world, but what we don’t know is that many of these cartoons were actually done by Filipinos here in the Philippines.


Why Filipinos?

Based on the report made by the Animation Council of the Philippines, Filipino artists are the top choice of global entertainment giants and are renowned to be the best among the world because of the following key driving factors: English proficiency, highly adaptable to cultural sensibilities, inherent creative talent pool, well-established industry with an impressive portfolio, efficient, and cost- effective work process.

The continued influx of animation projects to the Philippines has boosted the growth of the Animation industry.  To date, there are more than 50 animation studios in the Philippines employing about 6,000 animators and earning about $120 M and growing at 20-25% annually. The future indeed looks bright for the Philippines as it builds its reputation of becoming the leading animation outsource partner in the international animation scene*.

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According to Mr. Rome Ferrer, a veteran animation producer and director, the main players in the animation industry are the U.S., Canada, Korea, Japan and European Countries like the UK and France. India has been very active, and recently UAE and the Mid-Eastern region have been aggressive in Animation content development. The Philippines is a main player in terms of doing service or outsourced job from other countries.

When asked if the Philippines has a chance to become a bigger participant in the global animation industry, Mr. Ferrer says, “Definitely! We have the talent, the creativity to contribute more than what we are doing right now, and throughout the years we have managed to steadily gain the respect of the world in terms of quality and competitiveness in Animation. We must start a more aggressive campaign in content development and come up with our own IPs if we hope to see the Philippines as a major Animation hub in the region and the world.

Although the demand for animation is there, the supply of highly skilled digital artists to a growing industry is still a challenge. The current education system does not provide an environment where students learn animation in the production level. Animation studios need skilled artists to assume key roles in different stages in production such as: Storyboarding, Layouting, Background and Character design, Key animation, Clean- up and In- between, Digital Tracing and Painting.

Mr. Raji Fortu, a former Faculty of Cartoon Network Academy and a seasoned 2D/3D animator, sees an opportunity for graduates of Animation, Multimedia and Digital arts to thrive in the Animation industry. However, they need to further develop and learn where their strengths lie in the animation production pipeline.

In the past, most artists learn about their core skills through trial and error in order to understand where they fit in the animation production pipeline. But today, a unique animation training program was created that will enable students to develop their individual competencies in animation. 


First Academy of Computer Arts, through its 2D/3D Animation Production Program, aims to produce highly skilled, industry-ready digital artists to assume various roles in the animation production pipeline. This intensive program will enable students to Experience training in a simulated animation production setting enabling students to:  Produce their own Cartoon series and Develop core competencies based on their individual skills.

This program is open to anyone who ever wanted to get into the business of animation. Whether you are a writer, a digital painter, illustrator, educator or a designer, if you want to make cartoon animation, you can take this program.

The Global Animation Industry needs thousands of skilled digital animators. If you LOVE animation and have the passion for it, then this is your chance to take your skills to the next level!

If you think you’ve learned what you need to know about animation, think again.

First Academy of Computer Arts

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