Feel Fab with Pulped Juicing Company

Feel Fab with Pulped Juicing Company

When In Manila and out to fight against an impending belly bulge, it’s best to stick to a strict diet and fitness regime. Fortunately, there are stores like Pulped Juicing Company, which not only help in decreasing the belly bloat but aid in detoxification as well.

Pulped Juices

Being a foodie, I’m one among many who drool over monstrous platters of food. I practically lust for them, continuously scrolling down on food reviews and articles, on the search for my next bite. However, no matter how much of an utter and complete food enthusiast I am, it doesn’t mean that I enjoy all the added jiggle that I see spilling over the top of my pants. It’s because of this that I make it a point to allot a few hours of a day, three times a week for regular work out sessions either in the gym or at home.

But somehow this just doesn’t seem enough. Sometimes all the exercise just can’t compensate for a carb loaded meal at a fast food joint or say one sangria night too many with a bunch of girlfriends. I knew I needed to start eating clean again, and with a beach trip coming along the way, I knew I needed something quick.

Green Juices

A juice detox seemed like the right answer to my sudden determination.

Prepping for the juice detox was a little challenging though since I didn’t want to be the person who’d cave in at the very sight of a candy bar. I wanted to be prepared for my 3 days of juice detox and 2 days of juice and meals program.

I read online that during a detox, headaches would often occur because of the amount of toxins found in the body. No toxins meant no headaches, which basically was enough for me to stick with my salads.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorites offered by Pulped Juicing Co:


Coconut Juice

It tastes amazing when chilled. Coconut juice is considered as a natural isotonic, so it’s good to know that this drink was scheduled for my afternoon snack – a time when I’m particularly sluggish.

Pink Energizer

A refreshing mix of watermelon, grapes, cucumber, and mint. It was a great starter to my day and definitely true to its name.

Pina Limonada

A juice consisting of pineapple, lettuce, apple, and lime. Initially, I was afraid that the taste would be too sour, as I’m not one to favor tangy beverages. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the apple and cucumber brought a balance of sweetness to the juice.



I’ve always been a fan of overnight oats so this was big plus for me. It sure made for a filling breakfast too! I remember feeling too full to even eat lunch.

Taco Popcorn

I’ve never had popcorn seasoned with taco flavors before, so I was a little curious. Fast forward to present time, and I’m still trying to replicate the taste with a bowl of my own popcorn.  

Vegetarian Panini

I’m a sucker for dishes like this so I pretty much squealed in delight when I saw this delivered to my house. Sandwiched in between the bread were slices of zucchini and deliciously melted cheese. Oh goodness gracious, it made me so happy.


Overall, my experience with Pulped Juicing Company was a pleasing one. I didn’t suffer as much headaches as I expected (because of the prep process), and I lost a fair amount of belly jiggle. But besides that, I absolutely loved how incredibly healthy and “clean” I felt. My moods were better as I was always in high spirits. I also noticed that my skin was glowing, something that I had definitely not expected given my heavily caffeinated past.

When In Manila and looking for a way to look and feel better, it’s good to try out juicing programs such as the ones offered by Pulped Juicing Company. It’ll have you feeling happier and even more fab the all-natural way! 

Pulped Juicing Company



Feel Fab with Pulped Juicing Company


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