Here Are 15 Pinoy Influencers We Love And Who You’ll Love Too

From curating their online social media presence to informing our tastes and preferences, influencers truly do have their work cut out for them. Beyond simply being significant personalities these influencers work to maintain their reputability, create quality content, and shape the lifestyles of their follower communities. So here are 15 of our favorite Pinoy influencers (in no particular order) who do just that and more:

15. Tim Yap

TV host, business owner, creative director, columnist, and eventologist are only some of the titles Tim Yap keeps under his belt. With such a varied set of proficiencies, it’s no wonder people consider him to be such a trustworthy influencer. This is made clear by the 1.5M followers he has on Twitter and 462k followers on Instagram.

14. Kim Jones

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Model-turned-influencer Kim Cam Jones is widely considered one of the foremost voices in fashion. She lends her expertise as a blogger, stylist, designer, and photographer in influencing spheres of fashion and travel. Her 45.5k followers on Twitter, 804k followers on Instagram and 301k followers on Facebook are testaments to this.

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13. David Guison

Perhaps best known for his jet setter lifestyle, David Guison even dedicates a part of his Instagram profile to update his followers on his current location. Since 2009 he’s gone beyond that to dabble in various fields like fashion, food, fitness, tech, and grooming. David’s 51.8k followers on Twitter, 347k on Instagram, 127k on Facebook and 174k on Youtube all point to him being a jack of all trades.

12. Heart Evangelista

Actress, model, artist, philanthropist, Youtuber, wife and mother — is there anything that Heart Evangelista can’t do? While her opinion is most trusted in fashion and lifestyle, she could probably venture into areas like tech or food and I would still bite it. It’s likely that her 1.9M Twitter followers, 3.9M Instagram followers, 3M Facebook followers, and nearly 1M Youtube followers would agree.

11. Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos first shot to fame as a singer and comedian but his career has evolved beyond this to cover different ventures. Now an all-around vlogger, endorser, business owner, and more Mikey has really been able to spread out his influence. The 100.3k followers on Twitter, 140k on Instagram, 1.6M on Facebook, and 1M on Youtube show this quite obviously.

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10. Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

Having recently launched her own fashion line Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada cements her influence over fashion in Manila. Known for her lifestyle blog which is a collection of bits from travel, photography, and of course fashion, she is one of those influencers whose life we wish we could have. Her 43.3k followers on Twitter, 226k followers on Instagram and 340k followers on Facebook probably feel the same.

9. Wil Dasovich

This TV personality, model, and vlogger has definitely advanced his sphere of influence. From Wil’s stint on Pinoy Big Brother to his channel Tsong & Tsonggo (where he vlogs about travel, food, and fitness) his popularity has truly skyrocketed. With 324.3k followers on Twitter, 706k on Instagram, 620k on Facebook, and 2M on Youtube his success is immediately seen.

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8. Gee Canlas

Gee Canlas really does seem like the all-around superwoman, excelling in all she does — from the role of mother, to wife, to actress, and tv host just to name a few. It’s what makes her influence compelling and persuasive. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at her 12.1k followers on Twitter, 62.2k on Instagram, 35k on Facebook, and 4.1k on Youtube.

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