Internationally Famous Filipino Online Celebrities To Watch Out For

It’s the age of the Internet and there are many online celebrities that we are obsessed with. Though there are many local ones, we are also loving the Filipinos who are making their name in the online world from other parts of the globe.

There are many Filipino bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers who are making waves not just in the Philippines, but all around the world. Here are some of our favorites.

Internationally Famous Filipino Online Celebrities To Watch Out For

Mikey Bustos

Our resident funny guy! Known for his parodies on YouTube, Mikey is definitely one of the bigger Filipino names in the blogging industry. After his appearance in Canadian Idol, Mikey made his way to Filipino TV shows like Bubble Gang and Pepito Manaloto. Since he is also a good singer, some of his YouTube videos include his own voice and lyrics over some famous pop songs.

Liane V

Liane V or Liane Valenzuela is famous for her Vine videos and is now known on YouTube and Instagram. Her videos are mostly comedy skits, dance, and music. One of her most famous videos is the one where she danced with her father, Papa V. She released her first batch of music in 2016 and she recently came to the Philippines to perform for the “It’s a Girl Thing” show. She also has a self-titled collection for G by Guess. 

AJ Dee

Now based in Norway, AJ Dee started his blogging career in the Philippines where he specialised in men’s wear. His style is very noteworthy as he is one of the few Filipinos who keeps true by dressing like a gentleman. He prides himself in wearing some Filipino brands to show people abroad that our brands have incredible craftsmanship and world-class style.

Olivia Lopez

London, Paris, New York – you name it; Olivia has been there. This fashionista is a staple to every fashion show. She works as a creative consultant, writer, and photographer based in LA. Her blog Lust for Life covers fashion and lifestyle, where she shares her looks, travels, and adventures. We saw her hanging out with the “it girls” and Raymond Gutierrez during Martine’s wedding, too – total #friendshipgoals!

Bretman Rock

One of the funniest YouTubers to date, Bretman Rock is an online celebrity based in Hawaii. He started getting loyal followers in Instagram and YouTube when he was a teenager. His videos are about makeup, comedies, challenges, and skits with his friends and family. Bretman currently has a collaboration with Morphe, where he released a highlighter palette called ‘Babe in Paradise’. This Filipino is making waves in the online world one video at a time.

Bretman Rock

Kim Jones

This name needs no introduction. With her international recognition and features, Kim Jones is really a force to reckon with. She is a multi-talented celebrity that does creative consultancy, art directing, styling, writing, modeling and ambassadorship roles. Her blog is a sneak peek into her fabulous life, her works, and her adventures in the Philippines and all around the world. She also recently launched “The Fore”, where she collaborates with different artists to bring their visions to life.

AJ Rafael

Filipino-American musician AJ Rafael is known for his music covers and originals on YouTube. Based in California, AJ tours internationally, but shares that his performances in the Philippines are extra special as he is able to get in touch with his roots. He previously collaborated with fellow Filipinos Moira dela Torre, Jessica Sanchez, and Ylona Garcia. 

Patrick Starrr

This professional makeup artist and beauty expert is a Filipino-American known for her transformation videos. The 27-year-old recently collaborated with MAC for his own line of makeup products. He reveals that his love for makeup came early on and reveals that his craft is something that he uses to express himself and prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Anthony Padilla

Born in California, Anthony Padilla is a quarter Filipino. In a video they released called “lunch time with smash”, he reveals that his grandmother is from the Philippines. Though Anthony was known to be a part of Smosh, he later left the group and started his own vlog and skits. Though known for his comedy, Anthony says that his new platform is a place where he can be more creative and where he can discover new things. 

Guava Juice

Previously known as Roi Wassabi, this Filipino-American’s real name is Roi Fabito. He is 1/2 of Wassabi Productions where he took on challenge videos and other experiments. He was born in Pangasinan and moved to the United States with his family. He had an undergraduate degree in Film before verging into creating online content. 

Chester See

Based in California, Chester See is a Filipino-American YouTuber who also makes music and stars in some shows. He started as a host in Disney back in 2006 and ventured into making videos in 2007. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Theater Arts. He is known for his song covers and skits on YouTube. 

Wil Dasovich

More known in the Philippines, Wil Dasovich is a Filipino-American YouTuber. He documents his life including his travels, his everyday life, and some challenges. He started a vlogging group called #VlogSquad with fellow YouTubers Daniel Marsh and Hailey Dasovich. They are managed by PaperBugTV’s Jako de Leon.

 Wil Dasovich

Whether a blogger, YouTuber or Instagram superstar, these stars are must-follows! Who are your favourite online stars?