Fans are criticizing Hillary Duff for piercing 8-month-old daughter’s ears

Hilary Duff shared an Instagram photo of her and her daughter looking happy in a black and white filter. Although, what seems to be a good initial sight, the comments in the photo are getting critical as fans have been criticizing her for what appears to be her 8-month-old daughter’s ears are pierced.

Some commented and shamed what she did to her child: “Was she able to ask you to have them pierced? Was she able to agree to have them pierced? Did she sit there with a smile on her face whilst a gun with a needle was placed on her ear? Did she say politely after, thank you? Or did she sit and cry and scream looking to you for comfort and to make it all better?” A third put it more succinctly: “Just won an unfollow after seeing you pierced her ears, poor baby.”

Others didn’t share the majority’s opinion and came to Duff’s defense: “Got my bubs ears pierced at 3 months old, she didn’t even wake from her sleep, not one single problem with them. She’s now older & has never had an issue,” one person shared. “She can always take them out if she hates them. You all crazing giving someone crap over what they do to ‘their’ child.”

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At the end of it all, the Lizzie McGuire star hasn’t given her response or possibly is not going to reply anytime soon what with her attention being mainly on her family as we can see how happy she is with her growing family.

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