Experiencing True Beauty in Cebu Mactan Shangri-La Resorts and Spa


Beauty can be seen all around us, from the sidewalks and pavements, to the flowers and trees! It can even be seen through the person seated beside you. Well, Sony agrees and attempted to show the bloggers what beautiful technology looks like through their new Sony Bravia TVs.

 Sony Bravia HX855Sony Bravia HX855


While most people have the time and money to travel the world and experience beauty first hand, those who don’t can still travel the world through the new Sony Bravia TV. The quality and view of their new line will surely make you feel as if you were no longer seated in your living room! Moreover, to further enhance this already beautiful line, Sony decided to launch their TVs at Cebu Mactan’s Shangri-La Hotel! Now that’s beauty and class!

Shangri-La Resorts and Spa


I’ve never stepped foot in Mactan before more so in Shangri-La, so pardon me if I sound ecstatic when I describe the resort. As soon as I entered the hotel, I immediately noticed the scent of aromatic oils that fills the entire place; I think there was a hint of lavender in it. A gentle sea breeze circulated throughout the open air lobby thus quickly dissipating the hot Philippine weather. A hotel personnel welcomed and escorted me towards the check-in area for Sony guests where we were briefed with the day’s event.


After the briefing, I headed toward my room to get comfortable. I was ready to have a really small room, so you could just imagine how I felt when I saw this HUGE room with a king size bed and bath tub. On top of that I get this very cool view of the ocean outside my window. After a quick freshening up and change of clothes I took a quick tour of the Shangri-La Resort.



The place was really big, as in three swimming pools big, with a private beach and three main buildings. In the middle of the place was a flower-shaped pool which complemented the surrounding garden. I was not able to tour the entire place due to time constraint but the beach was simply awesome. Fine white sand and shallow waters, but best of all there were not that many people, therefore making it a perfect place to relax. Speaking of relax, it was time to get back to my room and prepare to get my free Element Massage therapy care of Chi spa.

Chi Spa




The Chi spa has a separated area on the resort grounds, upon entering you’ll feel the change of mood and ambiance, it has a more oriental feel to it and the flowing water around provided a very relaxing tone in the air. The Elemental therapy is one of their packages, as part of the service they will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire that will determine your element. Your therapy session is then customized according to your element type. Nice!

The massage table had a tub filled with flowers beneath it, that made me curious but as soon as I lay down on the table, the tub was placed directly beneath the area where my face protruded. This provided a mesmerizing effect while listening to the oriental music and relaxing massage. I really didn’t remember much after that since I fell asleep right away thanks to the wonderful aroma of flowers and calming music. Talk about relaxing huh? Feeling energized and refreshed, it’s time to ready up for the Sony Bravia event.

Sony Bravia Launch



Everything so far was super, but Sony had much more in store for us, as they introduced the lovely Sarah Meyer as their host for the night. Food and drinks were overflowing and that was even before dinner. Then they started introducing their new products and the HX855 really stole the show for me. The insane enhancement that the HX855 does to videos using X-Reality PRO was astounding. Even with low quality Youtube streams, the HX855 was still able to deliver surprisingly good video quality that was very pleasing to the eye.

Their 3D TV was better than ever, their latest active 3D glasses provided a more vivid and realistic feel on their latest TVs. The 3D they rendered was the same quality as you will see with IMAX. Though they say it is not yet available in the market, they did promise that it will be out by the third quarter of this year. Other technologies such as Sony Entertainment Network and such were discussed on my other post; you could check them out here.




The night ended with dinner and drinks, but it doesn’t stop there as Sony wanted to close the evening with a special guest none other than Joanna Ampil, singing some of her beautiful songs to end the day as perfectly as it began.

Shangri-La Mactan Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/cebu/mactanresort/

Sony Philippines Consumer Website: http://www.sony.com.ph

Experiencing True Beauty in Cebu Mactan Shangri-La Resorts and Spa

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