Esquinita Kitchen + Pub: Bataan’s Favorite Watering Hole

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Just two and a half hours away from Manila, we have been regularly visiting Bataan as a quick weekend getaway. And when we just want cold beers, some no-frills cocktails to get drunk on, and a bright, energetic atmosphere, we hit the local bar: Esquinita Kitchen + Pub in Balanga City is the locals’ choice for having a good night out with friends.

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There’s no air of pretentiousness here: it’s a straightforwardly fun bar where you can come as you are. There’s great music: some nights it’s an acoustic set served up by Bataan’s best acts, other nights it’s a pumping venue with the best top 40 hits. Show off your beer pong skills against the regulars. Feel right at home.

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Esquinita can also get pretty creative with naming their cocktails: with names like Basag, Swabe, and Gewang, you pretty much know what to expect.

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They also have butterbeer and caramel beer, definitely a must-try for those with the sweet tooth.

Check out the other things that we tried:

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Sizzling sisig

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Their sizzling plates, side-by-side: Hotdog and tofu

Straight-up bar chow, some fun drinks, and a chill space: what’s not to love about this place? Their prices are also really affordable, which is always a plus.

If you find yourself in Bataan, drop by and grab a cold beer at Esquinita.

Esquinita Kitchen + Pub

182 Magnolia Street, San Jose, Balanga City, Bataan


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