Ellen Adarna reportedly filed Temporary Protection Order against John Lloyd Cruz

It was just a month ago that there were cute photos of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna celebrating their son Elias’s first birthday. But just this month, there was news regarding John Lloyd Cruz that reportedly got ‘too weird’ for Ellen Adarna.


According to Pep, on August 7, there have been sources that claimed Ellen Adarna has already filed a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against her partner John Lloyd Cruz.

Apparently, Ellen filed the TPO before she left for Thailand, according to Philstar. The status regarding their partnership is more on the “co-parenting” side for their son Elias Modesto.

The TPO would entail that there is a legal option if she or her son is facing domestic violence wherein this would protect her from physical, mental, verbal, or other abuse.

It would also mean that the abuser must not be within 100 yards from the victim as he or she may be arrested by choice of the victim, according to FineLaw.

Furthermore, Philippine Star entertainment editor Salve Asis has allegedly stated that John Lloyd is not allowed to be near her and their son.

None of this has been confirmed in writing between the two parties but allegedly, the two of them were not in the best terms even before the celebration of Elias’ birthday.

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Regarding their break up, the couple has still no official updates about the confirmation or denial of the rumors that have surfaced.

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