Efforts to save the 20 dogs on “death row” in QC Pound – updated

I am reposting the call for help posted by the Pinoy Dog Whisperer. There are 20 dogs on death row in the QC dog pound. Animal welfare groups including the Philippine Animal Lovers Society are working together to get enough people interested to foster the animals. A Facebook group was created so those interested to help can pool their resources. Some have offered to sponsor but need transportation for the dogs. Others have offered to sponsor medical treatment for the dogs. Some of the dogs still have collars and may have owners looking for them.

Efforts to save dogs on deathrow in QC

Help save the 20 dogs on “death row” in QC Pound

Animal welfare advocates have bought one week for the dogs, but if the dogs are not fostered by 11:59am on Friday, 6 December, the QC Pound will euthanize the dogs.

Here is the post from the Pinoy Dog Whisperer:

If you’re REALLY interested to foster, adopt, donate cages, offer transportation, chip in to cover medical expenses and maintenance, please join¬†Efforts to save the 20 dogs on “death row”. There is obviously an urgent need to take action since we only have less than a week to save these dogs. So please join the group to find out how you can help.


[YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE] Dogs scheduled to be euthanized by FRIDAY 11:59AM! PLEASE SHARE!

These are the dogs we saved from the QC Dog Pound. Although, we were able to buy them some time, we still need to place them in good homes. Hopefully, we didn’t just delay the inevitable.

Here’s the problem. We don’t have enough information regarding each dog’s condition. We were not allowed to see them since the pound is off-limits to the public unless we secure a permit. This picture was given by the pound so we can show them to anyone who would like to adopt. Right now, all we can tell you is that 20 dogs need our help. Otherwise, they will be euthanized this coming Friday at noon.

If you would like to adopt, please call QC Veterinarian’s Office at 988-4242 loc 8036.

Read original post: https://goo.gl/xJ9UKs

Join the¬†Efforts to save the 20 dogs on “death row” –https://www.facebook.com/groups/419017431558724/?directed_target_id=0


09 December 2013 Update 

Here is an update from Desiree Carlos, animal welfare advocate who spearheaded the¬†Efforts to save the 20 dogs on “death row:”

Desiree Carlos



Many, many thanks to everyone who supported this project, who adopted dogs and promised them a forever , loving home, who donated for their medical treatment, who pledged support for the next six months of treatment and transition from a miserable state to a a healthy, wonderful life, who shared all posts asking for assistance for the dogs, among others.

Many thanks to the SAVE THE DOGS TEAM composed of adminMary Jane Quema¬†who tirelessly posted calls for assistance in almost all animal welfare and dog owners’ groups,¬†Gj Cura, who transported the dogs and documented their release from the pound, to diche¬†Elaine Garcia-Francisco¬†who helped me monitor the progress of the release of the dogs, to Loy who paid the adoption fees for us at the city hall, to admin¬†Candy Cumba Galerowho monitored this group page while we were on the field, to members¬†Althea Prudente,¬†Cecile Nolasco Javillonar¬†and¬†EO Cedenofor replying to queries on our behalf, and the many others who helped.

Many thanks to Porky Porcalla who helped secure a hold order to postpone the execution of the 20 dogs from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6, thereby giving us time to save the dogs.

Many thanks to Lestre Zapanta, the Pinoy Dog Whisperer, and Cathy who also helped me get the hold order, and also secure the release of two mommy dogs and their 12 pups from the QC pound also last Friday.

Many thanks to the followers of The PInoy Dog Whisperer fan page who shared the posts seeking help, and the donations from them.

Many thanks to Mirriam Alexis Bengil, Ykspfili Maria and @Tin Cabigao of Philippine Animal Lovers Society (PALS) for helping us with posters and seeking help from their members and aggressively campaigning for more assistance. Thanks to their members for sharing all posts on this and donating to this project.

Thanks to DOG Philippines and Cat Care and other animal welfare groups, their admin and members for allowing the posts on the Save The Dogs project on their walls and sharing such posts.

Many thanks to Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) for fostering the two mommy dogs and the 12 pups (unfortunately, one died).

Many thanks to members of the Love and Light: The Seekers’ Forum (LNL) who gave cash, prayed for the dogs and sent healing light, and shared all posts on this project. Thank you, my LNL Family.

And most specially, many, many thanks to¬†Pendragon Vet, DocsMayem Yao,¬†Lena May Valera,¬†Thea Gladys Salvador,¬†Jasmine Aquino¬†and their staff for giving SAVE THE DOGS a huge discount to the point that they may not earn from us at all, and allowing us to use their Cinnabone coffee shop as a “control” center-cum-office for almost a week.

Many thanks too to the QC Vet vets and staff who helped us from Day 1, particularly to Doc. Emil Entrato and Doc Mabel Cabel, head of the QC Vet Office.

Many thanks to Tinna Maria Bonifacio for the doxycyclene that brought down the cost and to Ton Reyes for the cage.

Many, many thanks, members of Efforts to Save the 20 Dogs on “Death Row” for all the support, material assistance, and moral support.

Without you, our team would not have reached our goal of getting 20 dogs from the pound. Every member of this group is a member of the SAVE THE DOGS TEAM. We all saved the 20 dogs. High five everyone! 

Namaste! I salute the Divine in all of you!

(I will thank each and every member who helped–adopters, funds donors, sponsors, cage donors, and many others– when I complete a report on finances and other matters. Pasensiya na po at kailangan pa ng kaunting pahinga.)

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Photo is from the Pinoy Dog Whisperer Page.

Efforts to save the 20 dogs on “death row” in QC Pound


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