Echoliving Manila Bags and Accessories: Fun Canvas Bags Just in Time for Summer!


Roadtrip tote!


What I love most about the Philippines is that the warm season lasts all year long. Our perennial summers and perpetual sunny days warrant the “clothing optional” notion and permit bikinis as the norm, and call for fuss-free, light-weight and colorful accents. I personally think the best option for days filled with road trips and island hopping is a trusty tote roomy enough to house all the vacation essentials; preferably one in the ever-indispensible canvas fabric.  



Go with the flow..


Canvas tote bags have always been a favorite among island hoppers, ample-sized totes free of any confusing buckles or straps that are easy to lug around, with a fun print or witty text as its only adornment. The only problem I have with canvas totes is that they are so hard to come by! Most of the colorful ones are gifted items from workshops and group tours; other discoveries are sold small-scale from a friend of a friend – which is exactly how I’ve come to know about Echoliving’s über cute canvas tote bags.






Echoliving’s canvas bags are such a score! They’re just the right sized tote bags with simple prints that make a statement and capture the fun and laid-back vibes of travel and the outdoors. As a brand created by surfers, most of their designs are inspired by weekend surf trips to local spots in Luzon. Their first batch of bags, pillow covers and wristlets paint a beautiful picture of sandy toes, warm mornings on the road, crashing waves and watercolor sunsets.





I am especially obsessed with their “Stay Salty” wristlets – big enough to stash an extra bikini, my money and phone for long days outside, tagging along with friends while they drive around to check spots for waves. Their quirky pineapple-print pillowcases are also a favorite; they instantly brighten any bland space with their yummy pastel shades.




I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’ve totes found my go-to bag for the summer season, which is, basically all year-round. Check out Echoliving on Instagram (@echoliving) https://instagram.com/echolivingmanila/ for more designs. You may order through Viber at: +639286900299. Stay salty! 🙂



Shot at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel in San Juan, La Union. Bikinis by BoraBound. 



Echoliving Manila Bags and Accessories: Fun Canvas Bags Just in Time for Summer!