MOOsarap ba? Dude’s House of Kansi offers Filipino comfort food that’s oh-so-beefy

It’s soup-er beefy, too!

When food is the subject, we all have different preferences. Some prefer complex and whimsical modern fare, while others crave for something familiar, comforting, and homey. If you’re part of the latter, then you ought to try out Dude’s House of Kansi.

Located within the streets of Pasig, this eatery features Filipino comfort food from many parts of the country. Take for example the bold, zesty flavors of Kapampangan sisig or the complex flavors of Bacolod’s Kansi, just to name a few. Dude’s House of Kansi brings all these together to create a curated list of local favorites that you’re sure to love.

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Of Comfort Food Favorites and More

Dude’s House of Kansi may be a melting pot of various local cuisines, but this restaurant shines the spotlight on its two beef dishes: Kansi and Kamto. Hailing from Western Visayas, these two dishes are similar, and yet ever-so-slightly different in nature.

For starters, the base for the both is the same: a rich beef broth, much like the well-loved bulalo. It’s then cooked with batwan, a fruit that is abundant in Negros and Iloilo. The result is a sour taste quite like sinigang, but with the rich beef flavor that you would find in bulalo. Now, add in pieces of beef (the parts vary depending on whether you choose the Kansi or Kamto) and slow-cook everything until the meat is tender, and voila: a hearty soup perfect in rain or shine.

But what is an eatery without some variety? Beyond beefy soup dishes, Dude’s House of Kansi offers rice dishes and viands, too. These include:

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Kansi (PHP190)

A Bacolod take on the classic bulalo, but with the sour elements of a sinigang. Enjoy a myriad of flavors in this luxurious dish, starting with the lean and meaty pieces of beef shank, followed by buttery marrow (oh, what a joy to scrape it off the bone), and wash it all down with some sour-salty broth. This dish is best paired with rice, but we’re sure you won’t stop at just one cup with this treat.

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Kamto (PHP210)

Much like its indulgent sister, the Kamto uses the same sour-salty soup base. The difference, however, lies in the kind of meat used. While the Kansi features beef shank and bone marrow, the Kamto uses a softer cut: the belly. Slightly fatty, flaky, and yet more tender, the beef belly is much more flavorful, and thereby more sinful compared to its meaty equivalent. Thus, the Kamto is also best enjoyed with rice to offset the overall richness.

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Sizzling Kansi (PHP210)

Taking the bestselling Kansi and breathing new life into it, Dude’s House of Kansi upgrades the soup into a viand—one that is swimming in gravy. Same lean pieces of beef shank, same sinful bone marrow, but far richer and more garlicky this time around. The Sizzling Kansi can be compared to the sizzling steaks of your neighborhood joint, but this one has a subtle sour note that melds with the overall creaminess of the dish.

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Sizzling Kamto (PHP230)

A sinful dish made up of tender pieces of beef belly, the Sizzling Kamto comes with a creamy gravy that amplifies the overall richness of the dish. In the middle of flaky bites of meat, however, you get a subtle sour note that contrasts the strong beefy flavors. That way, it no longer becomes “nakakaumay,” so to speak. Plus, the toasted pieces of garlic that go on top make this dish a real treat for those who like their beef to be almost buttery.

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Fried Chicken with Rice (PHP130)

A delicately spiced chicken reminiscent of home-cooked chicken. The version from Dude’s House of Kansi is made different from your run-of-the-mill fried chicken since this one doesn’t come with a flour-filled batter. Just a spice rub, tender chicken in the center, and a sweet and sour chili sauce to zest things up. Enjoy this quarter part with rice, and it’ll definitely fill you up nicely.

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Lechon Kawali with Rice (PHP130)

Crispy skin, fatty layer, and tender pork right at the bottom of this delightful cross-section— who could possibly resist the allure of a good lechon kawali? I know I can’t, that’s for sure. This crowd favorite is best enjoyed fresh and hot with steaming white rice and sauce. Yes, I’m talking about the soy sauce and vinegar combination with some minced onions for that tangy bite. Yum!

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Sisig (PHP180)

Sisig is a top of mind choice when Filipino cuisine is being discussed, and for good reason, too. This crispy sisig dish is done the Kapampangan way with a good ratio of meat, fat—one that is both creamy and flavorful. It features chopped pieces of pork cooked together with onions, peppers, and a secret sauce. If you like things hot, by all means, crush the chili. I, however, personally enjoy it much more by squeezing a Calamansi or two over everything else. That way, each bite comes with a sour element to contrast the fatty richness.

How to Order

Enjoy your Filipino favorites right at your doorstep by contacting Dude’s House of Kansi through social media or even via SMS. This Pasig eatery is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM. You can pay through GCash, bank transfer, or you can even opt for Cash on Delivery, which you can give to your preferred courier. Do note that for deliveries, which you need to book yourself, the restaurant can be found in front of ACE Water Spa and Hotel.

And now, the answer to the question: MOOsarap ba?

MOOsarap na MOOsarap, that’s for sure!

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Dude’s House of Kansi

Contact Number: 09279131005

Address: 16 United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig


Instagram: @dudeskansi

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