Ducati Superbikes Caught on Camera!

Ducati Superbikes Caught on Camera!


Hello readers! My name is Harold Soon and I am a director for Indioboy Productions. I have been directing music videos, corporate AVPS, branded online videos, and commercials for the past 5 years now. If you look hard enough within this site, you will see the very early When In Manila videos and the recent Intimate Manila features that I did!

We at Indioboy Productions decided to re-launch a passion project that we did a couple of years ago and decided to re-name it “Slice”. Slice is a web series where we feature a slice of anything under the sun through unique visuals that showcase the strengths of the different directors in our company. This is how we see the world and through our partnership with When In Manila, we are now showing these videos to you!

This first episode is definitely for the adrenaline junkies and speed freaks! Watch the video and read the article below to see more Ducati Superbikes!




Who would have known that there were bike enthusiasts here in our country who organized regular races? When we found out there was, we brought cameras there to capture the event! It was a gathering of Ducati enthusiasts at the Batangas Racing Circuit for a day of bike ogling, shop talk, and racing. 


Slice 1 BTS 4

Slice 1 BTS 3 


It might sound like this event is a simple meet-up of Ducati hobbyists, but it is actually a professionally run race. Not only do these racers have their own bikes; they also bring their own crews and technicians with them. 


Slice 1 BTS 1 Slice 1 BTS 2


If you want to see these races for yourself, visit the Batangas Racing Circuit page for race schedules (facebook.com/batangasracing.circuit)!

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 Slice 1 Screenshot

Ducati Superbikes Caught on Camera!