[DRAFT] Dalee: These Fresh Brands are Bringing a Meat-Lover’s Dream to Life

Written by April Felicia C. Fojas

1. This Dalee-cious Duck Meat

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDalee Duck Pastrami

Although Filipinos love Peking Duck, it is usually perceived to be a luxurious dish you can only have in restaurants. But that’s not the case anymore. Meet Dalee, a packed duck meat product coming all the way from Thailand where it’s a kitchen staple. The brand was brought to the Philippines just recently by leading Manila-based exporter, Donny’s Choice.

And while Dalee has only recently been introduced in the Philippines, Filipinos have already been captivated by their prime duck meats that come in different cuts and variants. At the launch, Filipinos got a first taste of what they offer, and surely enough, they delivered to their promise. Dalee’s duck meat options are exquisitely tender and delicious.

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Dalee duck meat Duck Day ManilaLeft: Duck breast cubes | Right: Duck adobo

There are many ways to cook Dalee too, with a wide array of meat options. They have roasted duck, aromatic duck, smoked duck breast and breast cubes, duck sausage, duck pastrami, duck katsu, and a Japanese meatball style of duck. You can cook it as is or even turn it into a Filipino classic such as duck adobo or duck caldereta!

No need to rush to a restaurant now when you’re craving a good duck dish—Dalee allows you to enjoy duck anytime, at home, with its ready-to-cook succulent packed duck meat.

Dalee Duck Meat

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