Healthy, Ready-to-Cook Duck Meat Dalee is Now in the Philippines—and Pinoys are Loving it

Photos by Justin Francia

Filipinos used to perceive duck as an intimidating, luxurious dish you can only get in restaurants, but what if we told you that duck has now been made accessible and easy-to-cook for all Pinoys? Would you try it then?

We did and we loved it.

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoicePeking duck

This new era of duck in the Philippines is brought to us by international duck meat brand that has finally arrived in the Philippines—Dalee. Originating from Thailand, Dalee is known in other countries for their ready-to-cook, tender, and delicious duck meat. Also available and enjoyed in Europe, Middle East, and other Asian countries, there is an excitement among Filipino foodies (and even chefs!) now that the brand is also finally available for Pinoys.

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceSmoked duck breast (left) and pastrami duck breast (right)

Dalee was launched in the Philippines last September during the Duck Day Manila 2019 celebration held at Conrad Hotel, where everyone got a chance to taste the variety of products Dalee offers. And the crowd absolutely loved them! Celebrity chefs like Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Gene Gonzales, and Chef Boy L0gro also graced the event, giving demos on how Pinoys can make simple, yet delicious duck dishes at home.

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceChef Gene Gonzales

Accessible and ready-to-cook duck goodness

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Pinoys’ everyday lives, convenience is often prioritized over nutrition, with people usually opting for instant and processed meals. But that is what Dalee aims to change. Ready-to-cook and easy to prepare, Dalee is the answer for the needs of Filipinos that live busy and demanding lifestyles. Just throw Dalee’s delicious duck meat into the cooking pan or oven and you have yourself a healthy and delicious meal! It’s quick to prepare without having to compromise on quality, health, and taste.

And did you know that duck meat is actually healthier than chicken? Well, it is!

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceLean but tender and tasty duck meat

Duck meat has fewer calories, less sodium, and less fat compared to chicken—which generally makes it a better and healthier option between the two. It is reportedly rich in a lot of nutrients too like protein, calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamins, and even minerals, which makes it beneficial in maintaining the normal function and development of our bodies.

A new staple in the Filipino home

Plus, doesn’t mean it’s packed meat, that you’ll be eating the same thing everytime you have Dalee. Dalee offers a variety of options—there’s the roasted half duck, whole aromatic duck, smoked duck breast, smoked duck breast cubes, smoked duck sausage, pastrami duck breast, duck katsu, and duck tsukune (Japanese meatball style).

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDalee duck pastrami

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDalee smoked duck breast

All of these products come in packages that are ready to cook, which means that both busy professionals and homemakers won’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen preparing quality and healthy meals for themselves and for their families. They’re fairly easy to cook as well, perfect even for kitchen first-timers and newbies!

You can make your duck meat experience even better by incorporating Dalee into your favorite Filipino ulam. You can make your own Duck Adobo, Duck Caldereta, Duck Fillet Salpicao, and so much more. Just with your imagination (and a little help from Filipino cookbooks), the possibilities are endless!

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDuck Adobo by Chef Gene Gonzales

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDuck Caldereta by Chef Rosebud Benitez

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's ChoiceDuck Fillet Salpicao by Chef Boy Logro

Now, every Filipino can have duck any time, and at the comforts of their own home.

Dalee duck day manila BR Group Donny's Choice

Dalee is a product of BR Group of Companies, one of Thailand’s biggest duck meat providers, and is brought to the Philippines in partnership with Donny’s Choice. Get Dalee’s products now in supermarkets and groceries near you.

Which Filipino dish are you going to try to make at home with Dalee? Tell us in the comments!

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