[DRAFT] 5 Sports that can save you from burnout

Words by Bryle Eusebio

In these times of jampacked schedules and tremendous deliverables, the concept of burnout is not something new to each one of us. In my case, being a scholar, a WIM intern, and a freelance photographer, all in the same academic year doesn’t just take a toll on my body but sadly, with my mental health as well. Luckily, these 5 sports that I’ve learned in my early years in undergrad come in handy when taking the load off work.



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One of my favorites is going to the pool and doing a couple of breaststrokes and freestyles. Swimming is both a good form of cardio and meditation, for it is great in toning the muscles and helps you focus on your rhythmic breathing. Just make sure the pool is properly chlorinated to eliminate COVID-19 from your list of worries.



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Hearing the rustling trees would certainly flush out the mean comments from your toxic workmates. But seriously, a great way to build yourself again is by absorbing positive nature energy from our luscious mountains. Pro tip: Start with beginner-friendly trails to jumpstart your hiking journey.



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There is no better way to end your hiking experience than a good dive in our sapphire blue seas. Swim alongside the wonderful sea turtles and reward your eyes with the beauty of diverse coral reefs in many beach houses here in the Philippines.


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For those who are not really into the adventures, I gotcha back. Wall climbing gyms (hyperlink) offer great overall body workout which can be a fun #squadgoals with your office barkada. Climbing could also be a unique exciting date with your workmate crush as well.



5 Effective Gym Workouts G3 Athletic Apparel

And my numero uno stress reliever is lifting cold steel. Convert your anger and rage to good use by carrying heavy barbells off the rack. Doing compound exercises really does improve my mood at the same time, keeps me fit and ready to tackle the upcoming busy workdays. Keep in mind that good form and proper workout program must be kept in mind at all times.


How about you? What are your go-to-sports when dealing with mental stress. Share them with us and you might find new gym buddies in the comment section.