10 Unique Workouts to Try in Manila

Words by Trisha Diaz de Rivera

Do you want to get in shape but don’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I was one of those people too!

More often than not, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to working out in the gym. It’s so confusing! So I’ve gathered information on other places where we all could shed a few pounds and get toned at the same time–even without a gym membership! What’s amazing about these workouts is that they’re pretty flexible and fits any style or preference you want.


Rowing (try: Saddle Row)

The ultimate fat burner exercise! As you are offered to try both rowing and cycling, this workout helps develop both the upper and lower body, working out several muscles at once.


Pole Dancing (try: Polecats, Chrome Divas)

Show us how you burlesque! Your strength will be tested with one of the most effective core and cardio workouts there is. You’ll also be toning other muscles, improving your balance and flexibility, and increasing your endurance.


Swordsmanship (try: Manila Longsword)

Fight like actual movie stars! This type of martial arts increases flexibility, agility, strength, coordination, balance, timing, and stamina.


Wall Climbing (try: Climb Central)

Spiderman who? Invite your friends and climb walls to increase your range of motion, brain function, and strength with this workout.


Trapeze (try: Flying Trapeze)

Get a burst of adrenaline as you fly across the air. Aside from upper and lower body strength, this activity increases your flexibility and muscle coordination.


Aerial Swing Yoga (try: Beyond Yoga)

Ever wanted to fly? Aerial yoga is a practice that aids in digestion, improves balance, flexibility, and muscle coordination.

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Parkour (try: Ninja Academy)

Become the next Tom Cruise with this workout! Parkour is a type of martial art and is a full body workout that aids in improving balance, cardiovascular endurance, and bone strength. Get your ninja on!


Calisthenics (try: Calibarzz)

Be the next Ninja Warrior with this workout! One of oldest forms of circuit training that uses only body weight.


Saber Combat/Choreography (try: Philippine Lightsaber Guild)

Star Wars in real life? This illustration of combat improves memory, creativity, and coordination.


Beer Yoga (try: Flow in the City)

Yup, drinking beer and yoga is an actual thing. Drinking beer while practicing yoga is believed to aid in reaching your highest level of consciousness.

See, working out doesn’t have to be so difficult. Now that you have got a great workout selection, it’s time to see what program is best for you! What workout are you excited to try?