DOH Makes Vaccines Fun With The ‘Bakuna Boys’!

Needles aren’t exactly fun, especially when they’re being pierced through your skin. This is why, as much as they are very helpful, many people are quite scared of vaccines.

Fortunately, our Department of Health has some of the most creative minds in the country that help keep every Filipino strong and healthy. The DOH is known for having the most creative, memorable, and catchy campaigns nationwide. They’ve tried almost everything–from awesome dance moves to catchy jingles.

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The DOH has their own way of sending important messages to the Filipino people. One of their latest campaigns is one on free vaccination for babies.

For this campaign, the DOH introduced the newest ‘boy band’ in town: the Bakuna Boys.

The Department of Health posted a ‘music video’ of the Bakuna Boys singing about the importance of vaccination for babies and basically encouraging parents to have their babies vaccinated.

The Bakuna Boys did so through singing in the style of the famous 90’s boybands like the Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC–complete with matching outfits, bright smiles, and cute faces!

Netizens applauded the creativity of DOH with this campaign. It really grabs people’s attention and gets the message across. Good job, DOH!

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