Dogs Forced to Hang Out by Convenience Store Entrance to Escape the Summer Heat

Anyone who’s in Manila right now can attest to the intense heat we’ve been experiencing for about a month now. It honestly feels as if we are living with a constant heat wave. And if it’s terrible for us, you can only imagine how much worse it is for our furry friends. 

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With an average temperature of 34°C, it’s already quite common to see our dogs panting and pets of different kinds suffering through heat strokes. This would be even worse in Thailand, where temperatures are soaring up to 38°C currently.

Which is why seeing pets hang around air-conditioned convenience stores has become a regular sight. 

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According to, Thai citizens are used to all kinds of dogs coming around every summertime and positioning themselves in front of the doors to the convenience store. They’re often just laying down by the automatic doors in order to get a cool breeze every time a customer enters or exits. 

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Thankfully, employees of these convenience stores act kindly enough to allow these pups temporary residence on their footsteps. Some even allow the dogs, whether strays or pets, to stay inside the shop! 

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While it’s a relief to know that these dogs are being thrown the proverbial bone, it’s still important to remember proper care for animals in temperatures such as these. It’s even more important to think about the poor strays in our own country who aren’t even afforded this small comfort. 

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Should you be interested in adopting a rescue you can check this out

Do you have tips for pet care in the summer? Share them with us in the comments! 

Photos from Chiangmai Traveller


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