The Couple Behind this ‘Island Sanctuary’ in Cebu has Rescued 106 Dogs

Tina Tee and Greg Well are a couple who are running an island sanctuary for rescued dogs together. The sanctuary, located in Bantayan Island, Cebu, currently holds 106 dogs. They are still working on improving and developing the land for the dogs but have already managed to set up a quarantine area, a pet cemetery, and composting corner for dog waste.

cebu island sanctuary

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Ironically, Tee shares that when she was growing up she was terrified of the four-legged creatures. Her parents had raised her to be wary of dog attacks and bites but meeting Well in a coffee shop soon changed that. His own love for animals gave her a different perspective and transferred that passion to her as well. 

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Photo courtesy of Norman Marquez

According to her, Well taught her that the furry friends need help more than anything else. And so, their advocacy began with the adoption of their first dog, Tyra. Following that the couple would conduct their own ‘rescue missions’. First, it was on the streets of Cebu, then later on Bantayan Island. 

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Recently, they acquired property in Santa Fe for their island sanctuary. They are nursing 106 dogs and consider them their children already. And since Tina and Greg are also largely concerned with the fate of stray dogs in the area of Santa Fe, their numbers continue to increase. 

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Photo courtesy of Norman Marquez

The sad reality of strays in Santa Fe is that when they are caught they are underfed and put in dismal conditions. The couple feels strongly enough about this that they are appealing for help. Awareness about the situations of these strays is all they ask for. 

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Should you be willing to donate or adopt one of the rescues, you may contact them here

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