Divoom iFit-2 portable smartphone dock speaker: The all around portable dock

When In Manila and seeking for a universal dock like speaker for your cellphone, music player and is also compatible to be used with other gadgets and yet, has a form factor which is small and fits your smart phone and music player just right, then have a go at the Divoom iFit-2! It’s a dock like speaker that uses a 3.5mm jack instead of only having an Apple dock limiting its use. It is simple yet elegant and boasts good sound.

Packaging: This is the first product from Divoom that I am reviewing away from their portable lines, so with the packaging, it moves from the small hard-plastic to more of the box type that has just enough size for the speaker and never going overboard with the packaging being too much for what’s in store. For the build quality, I chose to pass on that aspect since Divoom has never failed to give a good quality product from all of their ranges. All of their products have always had good build quality and durability overall, so no need to focus in on this aspect at all.

Sound Quality: This where size does matter, and not in the sense of volume power. The iFit-2 shows much more clarity and capability over all the ranges of the sound spectrum over any of the portable models. Not to say that the portable line were bad, they were really good! It’s just that, the Divoom iFit-2 was that much more resolving in sound over the portables which is a great sign for Divoom. It shows how much their research and development works hard on their products, unlike other companies that you barely notice any upgrade from portable products to the slightly bigger docks. With Divoom and the iFit-2, it really shows how a dock should be against a more portable and smaller speaker. No signs of recycling of technology or laziness in the research and development stage. No, none at all. The Divoom iFit-2 has an overall better grip on the vocals and high ranges over the Bluetune-1 and iTour-Rock. The iFit-2 also has more oomph on the bass section but nothing being too muddy or overpowering. It has better overall clarity than any of the much smaller and much portable models. Nice thing to note though is that, they still have internal rechargeable batteries even if they are creeping into the “dock” category.

The Divoom iFit-2 retails for P1,750 and can be purchased through Power Mac, Astrovision and SM Appliance Center stores.

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Divoom iFit-2 portable smartphone dock speaker: The all around portable dock


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