Dior’s Luxury Reusable Straws Are Going For P7,500 A Set

Luxury brand Dior seems to be expanding their reach by tapping into the Millennial market. They do so by utilizing the trend of eco-consumerism and creating items which are not only fashionable but are also environmentally sustainable. Their first foray into this area is with a set of reusable straws that are probably a bit more upscale than your typical metal straw.

dior reusable straws glass

Image from Dior

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The French fashion house’s reusable straws come in a set of 6 and will be sold at £120 a box or more than Php 7,500. The price doesn’t just come with the name, either.

Instead of the stainless steel straws you may be thinking of, Dior’s are actually made of hand-blown glass. Half of the set comes in metallic gold, while the other half features a golden spiral along its length.

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It seems to be common enough for luxury designer brands to have their own take on sustainable products nowadays. Prada has new nylon bags entirely made from recycled ocean trash while Ralph Lauren’s Earth Polo is made from recycled plastic bottles. Still, such purchases should be made with care and with proper consideration of sustainability.

Would you spend this much on a set of reusable straws?