DesignHatch: Planners and Productivity Tools to Start Your 2017 Right!

As we bid goodbye to the bittersweet 2016 we all had (I know, it’s more on the bitter), let’s welcome and walk into 2017 right this time! I’m sure, currently, the passion and determination of each one is at its peak: #2017Goals, #2017NewYearsResolution, #2017Bucketlist. So while we’re at it, why not pour our thoughts and get productive to keep the momentum going? Let’s design ideas and  hatch wonderful outcomes, shall we?

Design Hatch

DesignHatch believes in crafting our lives by being the best version of ourselves. These products are committed to help everyone through everyday with purpose and joy. Their minimalist, graphic chic designs will motivate you to just keep writing.

Plus, all of their paper goods are made with quality fountain-pen friendly paper (come on calligraphy majors, let’s get into formation!). And, not only are you keeping your priorities straight, but you’re also supporting local handmade products, for DesignHatch is #ProudlyPinoy.

Design HatchNotebooks and weekly planners in A5 and A6 sizes, as well as a list pad, and a weekly desk pad

What else does DesignHatch do? Check out their interesting blog series called The Life Well-Crafted, where they interview local creatives and go-getters about what it means to have an authentic life and doing meaningful work.


I know you want them. So go get yourself DesignHatch’s planners, notebooks, and their best-selling list pads and desk pads while they last! To see more of the products, visit their website or any of their stores near you.

DesignHatchThey totally match my things!

DesignHatchCan’t wait to use mine 🙂


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @DesignHatchPH
Available in selected Common Thread, The Craft Central, Hey Kessy,  Fully Booked Perch, Scribe Writing Essentials stores.


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