A Single Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions for a Better 2017

It’s finally the New Year and it makes you wonder where did 2016 go? It was such an eventful year that zoomed by so quickly. So in honor of the “new year, new me” tradition, I’ve decided to share some of my more realistic resolutions that I hope will help me be a better single mother for 2017.

1. Be more patient

Having a kid and being the only one both spoiling and disciplining can be a tough job but I realized that what we need for this is an extended amount of patience. Also, maybe some yoga or Colorfy.


2. Have a more positive outlook on life

Having your partner leave you with the burden of raising a child on your own easily makes one cynical; but instead of looking the silver lining, look at the situation instead from various perspectives. Get creative since being a bit imaginative fosters positivity.

3. Accept your body

I used to loathe my postpartum body, especially my mommy pouch. And no matter how hard I try, despite sneaking in a workout every day, I’ll never be as skinny as fitness bloggers or celebrity moms. But that’s okay because we all have different body types.


4. Dress appropriately

By dressing appropriately, I don’t mean dress like a mother, but rather dress to flatter your figure. I recently had to declutter my closet and get rid of all my dalaga clothes because it just seems impossible to fit them now. My chest and hips grew wider so it’s about time I treated myself to clothes that actually flatter my motherly bod.

5. See more of the world with my kid

Travelling with your kid may be a daunting experience but seeing new places, experiencing different things and learning new cultures opens up both of your eyes, and well, sure beats just hanging around the city all weekend.


6. Travel minimally

Yes, even with my kid. I’m so used to bringing at least three bags to the beach when I bring my child. However, she normally just sticks with two toys and a book to keep her busy, and usually finds other things in her new environment that interest her.


7. Less worrying about the little things

Remembering all those times I’ve exploded or reached my boiling point because my kid didn’t want to brush her teeth or bathe yet, just feels silly now. Seriously, we need to relax a bit more about the small stuff and direct your stress to something more productive.

8. Find quick outlets of release

Apparently counting to 10 slowly doesn’t exactly work for me when I’m dying of stress, but I realized a quick 10-20 Circuit workout does. So when you find yourself snappy or angry, find something quick that calms you down, whether it’s a fast-paced workout or a coloring book.


9. Eat properly

I don’t like diets especially counting my calories, but I do love eating healthy because I see and feel the immediate effects on my body. And for next year, I’m going to heighten this by choosing more fruits and vegetables over processed food. This is especially true for my kid.


10. Become eco-conscious

Going organic, buying from farmer’s markets or segregating your trash properly is not a fad. It’s about time we owned up to our choices and actions, and found ways to reduce our impact on the earth. And it starts as easily as saying “no straw, no lid please”.


What are your New Year’s resolution? Let us know!