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Stress is part of everyone’s everyday life and we all have different ways to unwind and relax for a while, like eating our way out of stress without the guilt, for example. Did you know that there is a fast, convenient and free way to do it, though? Try the digital Colorfy adult coloring book app for kids and adults.

When I was kid, my mom used to buy me coloring books to keep me busy while she was doing her chores around the house. It kept me busy the whole day. Once my mother was done with her chores, she would then join me in coloring the books she bought to relieve her stress. Talk about parenting done right! So, we both enjoyed our little mom-and-son bonding together.

Color your life with Colorfy!01

Well, the Colorfy adult coloring book app has recently made its way to social media and it successfully brings back those feelings. I saw some of my former colleagues posting painted photos of animals, mandalas and all sorts of infamous paintings with hashtags #StressReliever #BalikBata #Colorfy which made me curious. So, I tried it myself and in no time, I was able to finish my first masterpiece! I did not even notice that I spent an hour doing it.

Color your life with Colorfy!29

The Colorfy adult coloring book app is a free application available for iOS and Android devices. It also offers in-app purchases if you are up for the challenge of more exciting pieces to work on or would like more color shades.

Color your life with Colorfy!30

The basic option comes for free and already has a wide range of colors that you can use, though.

If you want lively and vivid colors, you can download the additional color palette VIVID.

Color your life with Colorfy!28

If you want to be bold and express your inner self, though, try out the darker hues that are also available in an additional package.

Once your done with your work, you can share your masterpieces online by connecting your Colorfy application to your Instagram account and see what others’ works look like, too.

You can choose from several different templates to start on your library.

If you are into abstract, try purchasing the exotic package.

Or go oriental for free.

Color your life with Colorfy!20

The madala package also comes for free.

Color your life with Colorfy!19

Or start with the works of the masters for free, too!

Animal lover? The animal templates are for you!

Color your life with Colorfy!17

Florals are the most common ones used by beginners. Check them out for free.

Check out other Colorfy masterpieces on the next page! 🙂


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