10 Positive Thoughts to Get You Through a Hectic Friday

It’s finally Friday again!

Most of us look forward to the last work day of the week because this means there’s finally room for a little (or a lot!) rest and unwinding.

Then again, Friday can be a tough day of the week, too. For starters, Friday traffic is extra challenging especially at night. Nonetheless, it’s okay! Push lang, because it’s Fri-yay!

Personally, my Friday mantra is this:

friday traffic

Or you can get through the final work day of the week with these other self-motivational thoughts:

10. May sale!!!

9. CHEAT day, here I come!

8. I can now watch all the series/movies I downloaded in 3… 2… 1!

7. Tanaw ko na ang Sabado!

6. HOHOL with Bae. Yihii!

5. Inuman night!

4. Slow progress is still progress.

Konting push na lang!

3. This work week will end in (insert number here) hours / minutes.

2. This weekend, I will SLEEP ALL DAY. (Or insert any stuff you love to do! You know you deserve it)

1. Para sa kinabukasan, bes.

Do you have your own personal mantra/s to get you through a tough work day or work week? Share it with us!