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I am a drinker… of wine, particularly. When the pandemic started, I had a bit of trouble figuring out where to get good wine – and not just good wine, but wine with the works. Being a lover of cheese, it goes without saying that wine is best with cheese and a proper assortment of meat, thus the trend of creating charcuterie boards at home.

Let’s face it, though: at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is think of how to set up my own charcuterie board. I just want to open things up, lay them out, and eat and drink to my heart’s content. Fortunately, Delizioso Premium Deli has made things easier for people like me.

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Delizioso Premium Deli is an online store that carries affordable premium wine and deli products – perfect for wine nights at home or to give as gifts (Valentine’s Day is around the corner, guys – take notes!).

Started in the latter part of 2020 by PR and marketing professional Bettina Sandiego, Delizioso began out of her love for good wine and deli. From a passion project having only a modest lineup of locally-sourced European-style sausages, the brand gradually expanded into distributing imported deli finds, starting with a carefully-curated menu of Spanish tapas.

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“I wanted to offer ‘affordable premium’ wine and deli products, which people can have delivered to their homes at the drop of a hat,” Bettina explains – and they do exactly that. Nothing in Delizioso’s lineup costs more than Php1,000 – which is something every deli lover is sure to appreciate. “Premium, affordable, convenient. That’s what we are,” she says.

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Delizioso’s menu includes European sausages that my German heart (I grew up in Germany) was incredibly happy to see: Bratwurst, German Cheese Franks, Hungarian, Italian, Kielbasa, and Schublig sold for P275 per half a kilo.

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They also have wine, cheese, and cold cuts sourced from different regions in Spain – another thing I was ecstatic about after scouring through S&R to find the Spanish cheese that I usually crave for.

They have smoked cheese Idiazábal, soft goat cheese Cańa de Cabra, Spanish sheep cheese Manchego Semicurado and Manchego Curado, plus artisanal cheeses – paprika cheese Queso de Cabra al Pimenton, drunken goat cheese Murcia al Vino, and truffle cheese Manchego Trufado. It’s every cheese lover’s dream come true!

Manchego Trufado

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Delizioso’s charcuterie selection includes the well-loved Jamón Serrano Bodega together with premium pork meats from the famed black-hoofed, acorn-fed Ibérico pig that’s native to Spain: Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota and Salchichón Ibérico de Bellota Cular.

They also have premium Spanish wines for as low as P350 that are so good, you wouldn’t even think they’re that affordable.

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Now you can enjoy fuss-free affordable wine nights at the comforts of your home – and that’s not all. They also plan to introduce Italian, Swiss, French, and Dutch selections to their menu very soon!

That’s not all! Delizioso is also one of the first online stores to offer curate-your-own Wine and Deli Kits. If you know someone inside out, you can create specially curated gift sets customized according to their preferences and your budget. Mix and match wine, cheese, charcuterie, sausages, and box extras to your heart’s content. Executive gifting? Add a Matsu to an elegant mailer box. Gift for a bride-to-be? Add a La Tita, a Lolea, or a Sandara to a cute, transparent tote bag.

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These gift boxes are a convenient way to give gifts on Valentine’s Day or anytime, really. If you are looking to give a gift this Valentine’s Day, though, you might want to take advantage of their special Valentine boxes that you can adjust to suit your loved ones. In addition to wine and deli options, you may also include a miniature flower bouquet, imported chocolates, and a free Spotify playlist that recipients may scan to set the mood for love month.

The best thing about all of their offerings is that all of their cheese and deli meats are vacuum-sealed. This means that as long as they are unopened and stored properly, they may last anytime from three months to a year. The “servings” per vacuum-sealed bag is in a perfect size, too, so you won’t feel pressured to finish too much in one go.

Delizioso provides same-day delivery from Mondays to Saturdays within Metro Manila and nearby provinces with pick-up points in Quezon City and Valenzuela.

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