De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde’s Lasallian Arts Month


Last February 4, 2016, instead of light to heavy traffic and a lot of parked cars, Arellano Street in Manila (in front of Hotel Benilde) was filled with less than the usual number of parked cars, music, and a whole lot of art.

De La Salle College of Saint Benilde’s Office of Culture and Arts opened its annual Lasallian Arts Month with a street art fair that was open to everyone. Literally bringing art to the street, there were concessionaires selling custom made clothes, stickers, accessories, a DJ playing, live art, and acrylic paint that was provided for all the street kids who wanted to play! The downpour during the first half of the event turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the colorful mess created by the kids looked even more vivid and colorful on the wet street.


For 11 years now, De la Salle College of Saint Benilde has hosted the Lasallian Arts month, a period of time dedicated to showcasing the various talents of Lasallian art groups in the fields of visual and performing arts. It aims to raise awareness about the different kinds of art here in the country and to bring to the spotlight the different local artists worth knowing. Aside from showcasing the talents of La Salle students, the Lasallian Arts Month also showcases the talents of people outside the Lasallian community and encourages all kinds of people to enhance their artistic abilities. Not only does CSB hold an event wherein they invite artists from different schools to perform, but they also hold workshops and training in dancing, acting, drawing, and other fields.

DJ Cupcake

Lasallianartsmonth6Art Trade MNL was there selling their Art Tiles and waterproof and reusable stickers


Lasallianartsmonth14Several clothing stores like AMS Clothing and Blckshp PH were also part of the event

Lasallianartsmonth19Para Sa Sining was also present, with their original products. Para Sa Sining is an organization that also promotes local artistry.

According to Ms. Julia Enriquez, the promotions coordinator of the Office of Culture and Arts, the reason they chose to hold a street art fair as a way to officially begin the Lasallian Arts Month was because they believe that art should be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. Very reminiscent of concerts and events held on the streets here in the Philippines, the street art fair felt very Filipino and it was a great way to bring together different people together through and for art. Students, adults and street kids in the area all enjoyed the same performances and even painted on the streets together. The whole event was in line with their theme – awaken with art.


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