David Beckham Auditioning for James Bond is the Video We All Need to See

David Beckham as James Bond. Somehow that just fits. You’ve thought it, I’ve thought it, we all have. And, apparently, the writers of The Late Late Show with James Corden have, too.

In a skit for the late night talk show, host James Corden and the football superstar David Beckham battle for the coveted role of UK’s best undercover agentJames Bond.

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The competition was tough. Between the famous walk, the lines, and the seductive scenes ever-present in Bond movies, the tension was high between Corden and Beckham. In the end, who do you think bagged the part?

Watch the hilarious video to find out.

But seriously, don’t you think David Beckham would make the perfect James Bond? I hope Hollywood execs are taking note on this one.

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