WATCH: Harry Styles and James Corden Can’t Stop Singing In Awkward Situations!

We all know Harry Styles has a wonderful voice. That’s pretty much why he got into that musical group One Direction that you may have heard of. Now that the group is on hiatus, all the members are doing their own thing–Harry Styles just released a few singles and has been appearing on a lot of TV shows.

One of his latest appearances was on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Harry has appeared on the show before, but now he’s on solo flight. And what better way to enjoy a solo TV guesting than with hilarious skits with James Corden himself!

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The late night show has been the birthplace of many funny skits with celebrities such as Mad Lib Theater and the super famous Carpool Karaoke. In a recent skit, James and Harry are shown in many awkward situations where they just can’t stop singing!

“Harry Styles & James Corden Have a Singing Problem”–the title of the video says. Take a look:

Before they found their way into entertainment, James and Harry Styles had a long history of messing up employment opportunities when the need to sing overcame them at the worst possible times on the job.

The skit features James and Harry are in a surgery room (performing a surgery!!!), a funeral, and detonating a bomb, and they just can’t stop singing! It’s even funnier when you realize that a real-life situation like that would be super awkward.

But then again, if you’ve got a voice like Harry Styles, why would you ever stop singing?

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