DARE Clinic: Figure Out What You Need to Improve On in Terms of Beauty

Timog is known for being a paradise for foodies looking for a new place to try out; but beyond those restaurants lies a myriad of undiscovered spas and aesthetic centers, one of which is called DARE Clinic.

DARE Clinic is an abbreviation of their services: Dermatology, Aesthetics and Restoration. However, before DARE Clinic became what it is today, it first started out as “The Skin Specialist by Dr. Jean Marquez” in 1999. One of the first of its kind to offer laser services in the Metro, the company eventually re-branded in 2016 to include both a new name and a wider repertoire of options.

The reason? Dr. Jean Marquez FDPS, the owner and Medical Director of DARE clinic, believes that beauty should be achieved inside and out. Aside from just focusing on appearance, the body’s overall health and wellness are important, too. That’s why she took further studies in the US for Functional Medicine and IV Nutrient Therapy to add to her growing credentials as the Chief Resident of East Avenue Medical Center Dermatology Department along with the other related Dermatology courses that she took in California and Texas.

Dr. Jean’s philosophy in treating her patients include a holistic approach for long-lasting results, aside from using safe products, precautions and procedures.

Her hands-on approach and close supervision ensure that all patients get the top-notch service from DARE Clinic. What makes her different from all other aesthetic clinics, though, is that she aims for natural-looking results. No over-the-top drastic transformations here; she just enhances and touches up and improves on what you already have.

Dermatology is at the helm of DARE’s services, and is what they first started out with. These include advanced laser treatments using USFDA-approved machines that focus on tightening, contouring, lifting, whitening, anti-aging, painless hair removal, acne treatments, vein treatments, and scar and tattoo removal.

The aesthetics side of DARE Clinic focuses more on the health and wellness aspect. Here, they use functional dermatology to treat skin concerns by using a skin analysis machine that I got to try out.

This machine really zeroed in on everything, aka the happenings of both my outer and inner layers of skin! It ranked my problem areas based on severity. Spots took top rank, thanks to my acne scars, freckles and dark spots, while wrinkles followed next, with texture and pores being last. The test even caught on that I kept forgetting to put on sunblock because I had tons of UV spots in the tests. It’s really that detailed!

With this incredibly high-tech machine, DARE Clinic identifies the underlying causes in order to determine what they can do to fix it. Their health and lifestyle services include IV Nutrient therapy, nutrient counseling, detoxification, lifestyle modification, stress modification and supplement recommendation to guarantee long-lasting results.

Oh, and did I mention that they also do massages? That’s right: DARE Clinic doesn’t just work on the face; they also take special care of your body!

Lastly, the Restoration part to tie the whole trifecta together: surgery along with hair and vein treatments fall under this category, including Rhinoplasty. It really is a definite one-stop shop for all things beauty!

This 2019, DARE Clinic celebrated 18 blessed years in the industry, having serviced over 8,000 patients to date, including celebrities like Ken Chan, Almira Muhlach, and Janeena Chan, among others. And to commemorate this journey– their Serendipity Journey– celebrity nail artist Mimi Qui, the owner of Strokes Eyebrow Studio Momoi Supe, and actress Teresa Loyzaga joined the DARE family as their newest brand ambassadors!

Mimi, Momoi and Teresa had nothing but praises about their DARE experience. “With Dr. Jean’s expert technique, my favorite features were enhanced,” said Mimi Qui. On the other hand, Momoi Supe shared that “being in the aesthetics industry, DARE made my features more symmetrical but still naturally looking, just the way I like it!”

Momoi’s treatment include elongating the face to lessen the double chin, and to make the lower face smaller. Dr. Jean even fixed sagging jowls and lifted his face for a more youthful appearance. And the results were instantaneous!

Meanwhile, Teresa shared that she wanted minimal treatment done as much as possible. For her, getting old was a normal part of life, and contrary to everyone else who want to preserve their youth, she would rather age gracefully– slow the passage of time, but not delay it, so to speak. Her treatments include reducing the deeper wrinkles in the t-zone area with injection. She was also happy to share that DARE Clinic fixed the area on the sides of her eyes by lifting it since the previous treatment she had from another clinic made her eyes look droopy. And aside from that, she even had one session of DARE Clinic’s newest service: the Ulthera treatment.

Ulthera is a new non-invasive treatment brought in by Merz Aesthetics, DARE Clinic’s newest partner. It’s basically an ultrasonic wave that stimulates collagen production– the stuff in your body that makes you look younger. And best of all, there’s no downtime and recovery time needed. You can just go back to work right after!

And get this: anyone can undergo the Ulthera treatment. Whether you’re young or old, you can benefit from it. For the younger ones, it prevents the early signs of aging, while for the more mature group, it helps repair the body (or to delay the aging process, as Teresa would put it). You see the results right away, and it gets better the more you have it done. You only need to get it once a year, too!

Another treatment that Merz Aesthetics brought in their partnership? The Belotero and Xeomin injections, which was used for Momoi’s treatment. Belotero is a dermal filler that seamlessly lifts skin in a natural-looking way, while Xeomin is an injectible used to improve lines and wrinkles. Put these two together and you’ve got the secret of a youthful, fresh face!

DARE Clinic dares you to be beautiful, both inside and out. This one-stop destination guarantees top-notch services given by a capable medical team, headed by #girlboss Dr.

Jean. Whether your goal is to stop the clock of aging, to age gracefully, or to just be your best self, DARE will be there for your very own Serendipity journey.

DARE Clinic

ESNA Building, 30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines


Website: www.dare.2sds.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darebydrjeanmarquez

Instagram: @dare.clinic


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