Beauty Haven Mecca Unveils Jasmine Curtis-Smith as their Newest Muse

Let’s face it: adulting is hard. From juggling deadlines to paying bills and going to and from a place in the midst of heavy traffic… Eventually, the signs of exhaustion will creep across our faces like a ticking timebomb.

Thankfully, there are many parlors, spas and aesthetic centers across the Metro where you can get that much-needed spa session or a new makeover. You don’t even need to go far! In the middle of the bustling food hub that is Tomas Morato, for example, you will find a boutique aesthetic clinic slash spa called Mecca.

A beauty haven for the modern-day woman, Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa believes strongly in the Beauty + Pamper philosophy. That’s why their premium services range from spa treatments to personalized aesthetic services that don’t cost an arm and leg. Established last 2018 by #girlboss Mars Balajadia, Mecca has already been able to set itself apart as one of the top beauty and wellness centers in the Metro in such a short time!

Unlike the clinical whites and greens that make you feel like you’re in a hospital, Mecca welcomes you with light pastels and delicate neutral hues that will make you feel at home. When you venture into their space, you will be greeted with positivity on their wall…

… along with tropical-themed plants that line the hallway for that pop of color.

In collaboration with their newest endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Mecca is set to bring a whole new world to the beauty scene through their newest product: Ulthera Youth.

Mars explains her reason for choosing Jasmine: “Mecca chose Jasmine to be the face of (the) Ulthera Youth campaign because we think she perfectly represents today’s generation of young women: active, confident, passionate, and beautiful inside and out. They know what’s best for them, and are not afraid to go after their goals.”

Ulthera Youth is the latest non-invasive, anti-aging procedure that uses micro-focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen production for better and youthful-looking skin. It’s an FDA-approved procedure brought in by Merz Aesthetics, which helps lift and tighten loose skin naturally, and minimize lines and wrinkles. Unlike other medical methods that use substances or even chemicals, Ulthera Youth uses your very own body to repair itself. It targets specific areas to counteract the early signs of aging.

This practice is not restricted to young ones, either, as some older, more mature people also use Ulthera Youth. Dr. Gigi Rodriguez explains the logic behind Ulthera Youth: as we age, our collagen degrades, and signs of aging like wrinkles begin to show for everyone – no exceptions. That’s why your body needs to either make more collagen or take in more collagen. As such, Ulthera Youth works differently for both young and mature people. For younger people, the stimulation of collagen helps prevent the early signs of aging. For the older market, Ulthera Youth helps repair the body. (Disclaimer: You need to be over 18 years old to be able to undergo Ulthera Youth, which will also depend on the diagnosis of their medical team)

Another good thing about Ulthera Youth is that it has no downtime. You even get instant results, making it perfect for those who are always busy! It varies from person to person, but some Ulthera users like Cam and Lexi have commented on a more supple-looking skin, and a fresh face.

Proud Users of Ulthera Youth

You don’t even need to rest for a long time. You can get a session during your lunch break and go back to work right after! Best of all, you only need to get it done once a year in order to enjoy the effects for a long time!

Aside from Ulthera Youth, Mecca also offers a wide range of relaxation and aesthetic services.

Skin Lift (RF) for the Tummy

This takes 20 minutes in total. It starts out with a cool RF gel. Next, the aesthetician places a metal plate under your leg so you won’t feel static before running a machine on your stomach for 10 minutes on each side. The treatment is designed to burn fat without having to workout! Overall, the experience feels like a massage that gradually gets hotter, and you end with the same burn that you feel after a core exercise.

15-minute Back and Head Massage

This massage is a combination of relaxation and occasional tension from kneading at the knots on my back, which was a godsend for my tired body.

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa is your one-stop shop for beauty inside and out. Their team of expert doctors, therapists and aestheticians take pride in what they do, and guarantee that their treatments yield results. Mecca is ever-growing and constantly evolving to provide services that help today’s generation of confident, passionate, and beautiful women.

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa

#238 Scout Bayoran Street Tomas Morato, Scout Rallos Extension, Quezon City



Instagram: @meccaaesthetic

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