Dani Barretto’s Shares About True Strength in Forgiveness

Soft-hearted people are the strongest. On the last episode of Physiogel’s FB Live Series last May 15, the brand celebrated one strong but soft woman, Dani Barretto.

Before Dani had her daughter Millie, she describes herself as someone who lets emotions get the best of her. Now with Millie looking up to her, she discovered how to change for the better. Leading by example, she teaches her daughter to be more careful of her words and actions – especially when dealing with people who hurt her.


This kind of strength came from her grandmother Hershey, whom she fondly calls “Momsy”. Dani describes her as a selfless woman who strives to see the good in people who have hurt her in the past. According to Dani, her Momsy taught her that “anger will just make the heart weaker” and that to forgive is to be strong. Her strength in softness inspired Dani to build peace within herself so she’ll be capable of letting go of grudges and resentment.

Since then, Dani decided to not let life’s struggles hold her back. Growing up, she felt insecure because of eczema. But like how she let go of negative emotions, she learned to be at peace with her skin condition by taking care of it with Physiogel. Her must-haves are Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo-Cleanser and Calming Relief AI Cream. These feature Biomimic Technology that not only helps her gain strong and soft skin but also helped lessen her skin sensitivities thus, helping her gain her confidence back. Physiogel’s skin-caring products are also her picks when it comes to taking care of Millie’s sensitive skin, keeping it strong and away from nasty irritants.

Choosing to be soft-hearted when you are hurting is such an admirable display of strength. That’s why Dani’s Strong Skin Story proves that the strongest people are capable of forgiveness, whether it’s for other people or yourself. Just like her, take active steps to bring out that softness within you – in the way you deal with people, or even in the way you take care of yourself. Only then can you truly embrace your strength in softness.

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