‘Star Wars’ Actress Daisy Ridley Says She’s Never Going Back to Social Media

It was back in 2016 when Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley cut herself off from social media “like a Skywalker limb.” When asked about whether fans can expect her to return there, she said she might not ever.

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The 27-year-old British star told Buzzfeed News during their morning show AM to DM that social media is “dangerous” and filled with “bad vibes.” She echoed what Selena Gomez had said before about the harms of social media on this generation because of how it affects our self-image and the way we interact with people we don’t know, especially with celebrities.

“I honestly think now with social media and stuff…it’s great to have freedom of expression, but I do feel like people think opinions have so much weight,” she said.

When she feels that she needs to update herself with how her friends are doing, she shared that she just runs a Google search or checks their Instagram accounts.

She does, however, acknowledge the benefits of social media especially in spreading awareness on news and issues happening all over the world. “It’s great in that respect for people who are in serious and dire situations to be able to be communicating,” she added, “but for the most part I think — no, no, no.”

Daisy left Instagram in 2016 where she had more than 2 million followers after she felt pressured to keep posting photos of herself. She left Facebook shortly after.

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Would you ever leave social media too? Why or why not?

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