Daddylo’s Bataan: Yummy, Affordable Steaks and Burgers in Bataan


Are there cheap yet yummy burgers in Manila? Sure. But can you show me a triple-stacked burger that’s less than P350?


Daddylo’s Hungry Burger (P329)

While in the metro this sounds unlikely, as it turns out, you only need to travel two and a half hours north of Manila to get your hands on this mouthwatering burger!


Bataan has been our recent go-to weekend getaway and before heading back to Manila for the Monday grind, our favorite spot to grab a bite is at the homegrown Daddylo’s in Balanga City.

Opened in 2012, Daddylo’s has since expanded and moved to a bigger and better location to accommodate more of their local fans.


The steaks at Daddylo’s start at P249!

Daddylo’s is rightfully one of Bataan’s best secrets: it’s a family-friendly place with bright, modern, and plush interiors. They’re best known for their steaks, burgers, and milkshakes. With generous servings and tasty flavors, it’s no wonder that locals love Daddylo’s. And if you find yourselves in Bataan, it’s time to discover this homegrown favorite.

Check out some of our other recommended dishes:


Twins’ Jalapeño and Bacon Mushroom Burger. A smaller alternative to the Daddylo’s Hungry Burger, but not lacking in flavor. Bacon, spice, and everything nice rolled into one — what’s not to love?


Grilled Salmon with garlic butter and a side of salad. We recommend this dish for those looking for healthier choices. The grilled salmon is moist and flaky, while the salad provides a fresh crunch.


T-Bone steak with thick-cut fries! The steak is well-seasoned, beautifully seared, and for its affordable price, you get good portions. Their steaks are definitely a bang for your buck.


Their creamy and pretty milkshakes, perfect for IG!

If you’re looking for a place with great food, good portions, and steaks that won’t break the bank, Daddylo’s is definitely a must-try when in Bataan.


Vista Mall, Balanga, Bataan


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