Cyberpreneur Philippines: An Online Business Start-up Guide for Aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs

How do I start freelance work on the internet? How would I find clients for my online business? Are there any procedures on how I can register my business to the government? 

These are just some of the questions my friends have asked me about working as a freelancer. They have opened up that, aside from this, they wanted one space to contain everything they needed to know about working or opening a business in the internet that they can understand easily.

What I always tell them is that, while I was studying digital marketing, I relied on multiple websites. Although they were mostly foreign blogs, I did wish there was a resource that discussed online businesses and freelancing specifically in the Philippines.

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The publishing gods may have heard me because last October 25th, Cyberpreneur Philippines was launched at Fully Booked BGC. Aspiring cyberpreneurs, traditional businessmen, and people from different industries gathered with Cyberpreneur Philippines’s editors and authors to discuss how being a digital entrepreneur is becoming an industry segment that is starting to boom in the Philippines. They also discussed how Filipinos can shift from the traditional business and job practices to going digital.

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Welcoming us at the start of the program was Raymond Calbay, the Executive Publisher of PageJump Editorial. He gave an overview of what the book is all about:

“Cyberpreneur Philippines will guide you in launching an online business and growing it to profit. The book offers invaluable tips whether you’re a service provider, online reseller, or digital product developer.

You can boost your knowledge with expert insights and practical suggestions on how to successfully run a cyber business. Each of the book’s 27 chapters is packed with advice but bite-sized enough for quick reference.

Topics in the book range from planning a cyber-business, brainstorming business ideas, to using online tools and tactics to grow your business.”

The audience seemed surprised when Raymond told them that it was the first time that most of the editors and the contributors have met because everything was coordinated online. Which only manifests what the book is all about: doing business online.

cyberpreneur philippines online business start up guide raymond calbay pagejump editorialRaymond Calbay, Executive Publisher of Pagejump Editorial

Right after, selected editors and contributors were invited to join a panel discussion to discuss several aspects of being a cyberpreneur. One of the points that struck me was when the panel was asked “Is the Philippines ready for cyberpreneurship?” One of the panelists answered: “The Philippines may have a very slow internet connection, but the Filipino talent, resilience, and ingenuity makes our country a great place to start online businesses. We are now ready for more cyberpreneurs.”

cyberpreneur philippines online business start up guide  (6)From L to R: Ginger Arboleda, Marv de Leon, Fitz Villafuerte, Paolo Lising, Celine Francisco,  Bryden Elizan, and RM Nisperos

Members of the audience were encouraged to interact with the contributors and editors of Cyberpreneur Philippines present during the event. Some of the questions asked were:

  • If I am a traditional businessman now, how is the process of shifting to an online business?
  • What business model will earn me the same amount of money as my current job gives me now?
  • How do I start building a blog and monetizing it?
  • How do I protect my online business idea from being stolen by competitors?
  • What is your advice for a start-up that wants to launch a mobile application?
  • How do I reach out to online start-up founders so we can engage them at on-ground events?

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The editors and contributors generously gave tips to answer these questions. It was refreshing to know that the people during the event were really engaged and interested to make the switch to cyberpreneurship.

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Yours truly is also part of this book. And it was such an honor not only to share insights with the audience on how to start the switch of becoming a cyberpreneur in the Philippines, but also because I was among company CEOs, startup founders, and top freelancers I only knew before through their blogs! (Pardon the fangirl moment but my co-contributors are just so awesome.)

cyberpreneur philippines online business start up guide  (11)(From L to R) Top row: Marv de Leon, Raymond Calbay, Jeremie Diaz, Ginger Arboleda, Fitz Villafuerte, Paolo Lising,  RM Nisperos, Bryden Elizan, Louie Mayor, and Karl Aguilar. Bottom row: Reina Gonzales, Kristel Silang, Atty. Myra Jennifer Jaud-Fetizanan, Celine Francisco, Anna Liza Gaspar,CPA, and Anne Quintos

So if you want to start your online business now, get all the information you need from Cyberpreneur Philippines! Cyberpreneur Philippines is available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks. E-book version is also available at

(All photos in this post from Cyberpreneur Philippines’s Facebook Page)

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