Blogapalooza is Back on its 4th year!

Established in 2011, Blogapalooza was just a small business-to-blogger networking and marketing event with just a few sponsors. Since then, however, Blogapalooza became bigger and bigger – reaching hundreds of brands and media partners with thousands of participating Bloggers.

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Now on its 4th year, Blogapalooza is back, and bigger and better than ever. Blogapalooza aims to bridge companies and online influencers that can be helpful in promoting their brands in the online world.  The company aspires to provide a whole new perspective in viewing events as powerful tools of any company’s marketing strategy. This is then combined with technological systems to enhance and maximize returns on the company’s investment and marketing efforts.


This year, the bigger Blogapalooza will be held at One Esplanade on October 25 and we are expecting more than 1,500 participating bloggers from all around the Philippines to attend.

  • Over 800+ Bloggers and traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
  • Top Bloggers, Facebook power users, Twitter influencers, Instagram icons and more!
  • At least 5 Million Visitors / Readers per month from all Blogs combined.
  • Everyone gets booth space and higher sponsors get presentation time and more.
  • Long Hours: from 10AM to 9PM
  • Bigger Venue: now at One Esplanade
  • Meet, Network and get Featured by attending Bloggers and Traditional Media


Blogapalooza is now open for registrations for Booth Exhibitors and Sponsors. Call 5337448 or 09199925983 for inquiries.

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