Creative Voicers Made a Voice and Video Advocacy Message for COVID-19

With limited physical interaction imposed by the government due to COVID-19, people are restrained from going out in public. As told continuously by the media, we must stay home to stay safe. While in the confines of their homes, though, some people also stay productive. This rings true for Pocholo Gonzales, who brought together 55 voice-over artists in one video campaign.

“Tuloy ang Kwento” is a collaboration of several voice-over artists in the Philippines. It pays tribute to the under-appreciated but essential participation of the people to end – if not decrease – the spread of the coronavirus disease. Gonzales, together with other voice-over artists – did all of this while in quarantine.

Connected by a Pandemic

The advocacy video plays with the idea of being separated through distance but pulled closer by circumstance. In this case, the voice artists relate to their shared interest in the voice entertainment industry and a global pandemic experience.

The joining together of various voice artists through this advocacy video is a first of its kind in the Philippines. This is made possible through a series of free webinars organized by CreatiVoices Productions. 

Growing Community

One of the highlights in “Tuloy ang Kwento” is the display of diverse voices, each one portraying a specific story.

Even with limited time, it can celebrate exclusivity, which is reflected in the use of different dialects from several provinces in the Philippines. This is an acknowledgment of the thriving online community of voice artists in the country.

Beginning of a New Era, a New Normal

Maximizing all of his resources, Gonzales taps artists from all over the archipelago. This makes his reach 10 times wider than ever before.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, CreatiVoices Productions has quickly embraced the idea of “Voice from Home”, which is Gonzales’ new vision for the company as it adapts to the new normal. Gathering a fresh set of voices marks a new era for CreatiVoices Productions!

The Story Continues

“Tuloy ang Kwento,” as the campaign suggests, looks forward to a post-pandemic future and starting anew. It is an ode to the better days waiting ahead. Most importantly, it centers on the importance of how staying at home can save many lives. 

Watch the video here:

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