Create Wonderful Memories in This Beautiful Studio in Quezon City

If you have seen Kathryn Bernardo, Marian Rivera, and Anne Curtis’ posts in a light and totally beautiful space while shooting, then we have found where it is.

Right at the heart of Quezon City is Lucas Studios by Chestknots.

Lucas Studios, located on the 6th floor of Avire Tower is adorned by floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the natural light perfectly. Their white walls and floor make the studio bright and airy, perfect for your cozy family portraits and other photos.

What we love most about Lucas Studios is how they can create concept rooms that will truly make your family portraits special and unique. You can also rent out the whole studio or just parts of it like the main studio area or VIP room. There is also a lounge, pantry, and private washroom that renters can get access off.

Aside from being a photo studio, Lucas Studio is also a great space for intimate celebrations like weddings, birthdays and etc. There are also weddings that are held at the rooftop of Avire Tower! A great al-fresco alternative if you want an outdoor celebration.

Whether it’s for a shoot or a private event, Lucas Studios is no stranger to special celebrations. The founders are the power couple Feliz and Jayjay Lucas who have been credited as part of the Top 12 wedding photographers in the Philippines. The couple is known for their business Chestknots Studio which is always top of mind when it comes to wedding photography.

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“For 10 years we have been wanting to expand our 50sqm office to a studio and finally took the courage to do so in 2019 and started to construct Lucas Studios. Pandemic happened and we almost surrendered it but God simply wanted us to surrender and it blessed our efforts”, Feliz shared.

The expansion of Chestknots during the pandemic is also an answer to those who are looking for a safe private space to celebrate or create memories.

“Jayjay loves natural light and we loved how light could come in windows. So when we created Lucas Studio, it was basically a reflection of who we were and what we wanted in the hopes of attracting similar people who wanted what we liked”, Feliz added.

Since the studio also offers concept styling, Feliz makes sure that everything is in order in their businesses. “I used to be a prenup fashion stylist but turned full-time homeschooling mom. Eventually, during the pandemic, we accepted product shoots and I would style”, Feliz said.

Another business expansion of Chestknots is Balara Content House which aims to be a safe space for content creators and for special celebrations. It is a photo and events studio that stepped up and is beautifully designed that each corner is totally Instagram-worthy.

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“What was supposed to be a family Sunday escape became Balara Content House. As we continue to understand the needs and wants of our renters at Lucas, we created styled spaces for brand and content creators”, said Feliz.

“It was sort of a therapy creating this space and hopefully it would have the same effect for those who come it. that as we continue to create, it allows us to connect to others and eventually be an inspiration to continue to be strong and inspire”, she added.

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Creating and expanding a business during the pandemic is of course a big risk but Lucas and Balara were a worthy risk for the couple. “After 10 years, we finally to the courage to take the risk” Feliz excitedly said.

Though the pandemic has been hard for most businesses, these are great examples of pursuing passions despite difficulties. It is also going to show how hard you want something and doing everything to achieve it.

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“During this difficult time in the pandemic, what used to be ideas and passion projects has become the main source of livelihood for most. I have always believed that we were made for others and to create. so for those who want to start a business, be faithful in the small things, be committed to excellence in the small things and God will be the one to slowly expand your borders when you are humble and ready to commit that business for His glory. Eventually, when you do, you’ll be amazed at the magnitude of how he sustains by grace”, said Feliz.

Lucas Studios

6th floor, 27 Avire Tower, P. Tuazon, corner Lakandula, Quezon City

0917 8063788

0917 5394822

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