Cookiefixx is Our Current Cookie Addiction

When it comes to cookies, it can really be a hit or miss.

After the boom of online cookie businesses when the pandemic started, it has literally become so hard to find stores that sell really good cookies. (Trust me… I’ve tried a ton!) So when I heard about Cookiefixx, I’m not gonna lie. I was a little skeptical. But once we tried them, there’s really only one word to describe them: “Wow!”

Cookiefixx 1

Photo from Cookiefixx

Now, it’s one thing to discover delicious cookies, but we were even more amazed to learn that the brainchild behind them is actually a 16-year-old baker named Cailey Salonga. Cailey shares that she has always been interested in cooking and baking – something she was able to hone during the pandemic.

“Since my family loves to eat, they asked me to cook and bake more for them,” she shares. “I especially found interest in baking and dedicated more time to making a perfect chocolate chip cookie for our in-between work/online class meriendas and movie nights.” While it admittedly took her a lot of trial and error to perfect her recipe, we can definitely attest to the fact that she has found it. These. Cookies. Are. Divine.

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Photo from Cookiefixx

The thing is: these cookies look just like any other cookies. There isn’t anything super fancy going on at first glance; but once you take a bite, I promise you: you will be hooked!

The OG chocolate chip cookies have just the right crunchy-and-chewy texture and are the perfect balance of sweet and salty with the bits of maldon flaky sea salt sprinkled on them. If you’re not in the mood to indulge in a palm-sized cookie or if bigger cookies are too intimidating for you to eat; Cookiefixx also has smaller, bite-sized versions that make for the perfect mid-day snacks or post-meal treats.

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Photo from Cookiefixx

I am really glad that Cookiefixx is becoming a gesture of love, something like a hug whenever people try it,” Cailey says. “The very reason why I formulated this recipe was because I wanted to enjoy these cookies with my family during a challenging time. Now, it has extended out of my family and into the homes of others.” Well, we will definitely be making Cookiefixx a regular part of our home – that’s for sure.

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Photo from Cookiefixx

Even their other flavors were a pleasant surprise. Made in collaboration with their Uncle Jeffrey, the Uncle J’s walnut oat chocolate chip cookies were my daughter’s favorite – and she usually doesn’t like oatmeal cookies, so that’s really saying something. They’re less sweet than the chocolate chip cookies but pack a whole lot of flavor!

They also have a gluten-free version of the chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour for those who don’t eat gluten or are looking for a lighter and healthier cookie fix.

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Photo from Cookiefixx

Cailey shares that Cookiefixx also proved to be a great opportunity for her and her sisters to grow together. “I was the baker, Achi Christine was in charge of the business aspect, and Dichi Caitlin was handling the graphic design aspect of Cookiefixx,” she explains.

“Without the help of family and friends who genuinely supported me, this would not have been a success. I realized that my passion for baking has allowed me to touch the lives of others, as well. I have met many wonderful people through Cookiefixx who were able to share the cookies with their friends and family members.”

Cookiefixx delivers around the Metro as long as the area is serviced by Grab, Lalamove, and other similar courier services. Since the cookies are baked fresh and do not have any preservatives, they taste best when consumed immediately. However, they are still delicious for 1-3 days when you transfer them to an airtight container and heat them in the oven.


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