Conceptrum: Mission Based Live Game Rooms in BF Homes to Test Your Inner Sherlock

Conceptrum: Mission Based Live Game Rooms in BF Homes to Test Your Inner Sherlock


Do you love playing games with unique and exciting scenarios – where you play to find clues, solve puzzles, guess riddles and complete various missions? Then Conceptrum is just right for you! This highly interactive and addictive game has a lot to offer especially to escape and mystery room fans! 


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Conceptrum is an extraordinarily fun and highly interactive game where they will test your mind, body and even your arithmetic skills.


What’s awesome about Conceptrum is that they aren’t like your typical escape room games where you look for clues that will ultimately lead to your freedom. What’s different about them is that they have missions with multiple objectives depending on the scenarios and they can either be related or completely different from each other. To win the game, you basically have to complete all of the objectives within the given time limit.


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I gathered my wittiest and most fun-loving friends to help me solve the riddles and puzzles!  

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Signed a waiver, stating that we understood the pointers and guidelines on how the game would proceed.


This is totally crazy, but yes, we were handcuffed and sacked!!! Imagine the panic!


They will confuse, rattle and mislead you with their riddles and convoluting scenarios, and plunge you into the game’s storyline to awaken your inner sleuth!

Conceptrum presents different themed rooms with various scenarios and storylines where players immerse themselves into a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. They have multiple mission objectives that are panned out inside the gaming area and your task is to find and complete all of them.


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Our team was able to try out their Framed Room’ where we were falsely charged against a crime we didn’t commit. It was up to us to prove our innocence and eventually, escape to freedom.


Players can play solo or go in as a group, but you will only have 50 minutes to complete all of the mission objectives. (Players must arrive 30 minutes before their call time for briefing and whatnots). To win the game, you have to plan and work as a team, search, organize and ultimately accomplish the MISSION!


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Conceptrum occupies a large space located at President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque. You surely won’t miss it when you pass by the rows of establishments there. You also have to check out Ble after building up your appetite from all of that detective work!


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After a grueling 50 minutes of our lives, MISSION: FAILED! :p Still, we had heaps of fun! A great way to bond with family and friends indeed! As they say, ” A detective’s work is never done.” We’ll definitely go back to redeem ourselves soon!!


Regular Price

For 2 persons: Php800/pax

For 3 persons: Php650/pax

For 4-5 persons: Php550/pax

For 6-7 persons” Php500/pax


Introductory Price ( for the months of December 2014 to January 2015 only.)

For 2 persons: Php750/pax

For 3 persons: Php600/pax

For 4 persons: Php500/pax

For 5-7 persons: Php450/pax


The more, the merrier! Price decreases the more people you have in your group!

**For reservations, please email Conceptrum at or shoot a private message through their Facebook Page.

Conceptrum is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Should there be any changes in their schedule, please check their Facebook Page or call their hotline.

Aside from bragging rights and a photo-op moment after your live-game experience, tokens will also be rewarded to those who can solve the mission before the time runs out. 

To our fun-loving When In Manila readers, I have got great news for you! If you want to experience the same rush and adrenaline madness that we had, and Conceptrum will be raffling off 6 PASSES FOR ONE LUCKY WINNER!!! The winner will be experiencing one of their newest rooms called the ‘Blackout Room’, only valid for the month of January 2015. Please be advised that this giveaway is only open to Metro Manila residents (or if you’re willing to travel to Manila if you’re not ;p ). Just follow all of the mechanics on our Rafflecopter widget below and we will announce the winner through their registered email and other social media accounts. 

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Enjoy a unique gaming experience and get to live your gaming fantasies, test your skills and problem solving prowess in the South. Channel your inner Sherlock and see if you have what it takes to take at Conceptrum!





71C President’s Avenue corner Rufino St. BF Homes, Paranaque City

02 2185209 |



Conceptrum: Mission Based Live Game Rooms in BF Homes to Test Your Inner Sherlock


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